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NOUN   a mustard | mustards
Senfe {pl}
mustards [family Brassicaceae, formerly Cruciferae]
Brassicaceen {pl}
mustards [family Brassicaceae, formerly Cruciferae]
Kreuzblütler {pl}
mustards [family Brassicaceae, formerly Cruciferae]
Kreuzblütengewächse {pl}
mustards [family Brassicaceae, formerly Cruciferae]
Kreuzblütlergewächse {pl}
fruit mustards
Fruchtsenfe {pl}
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  • It's mustard is considered a strong and pungent one, compared to other Dijon mustards.
  • Mostaza La pasiva is also used among other mustards as a sauce for puchero meat.
  • Nitrogen mustards react via an initial cyclization to the corresponding aziridinium salt.
  • In the 1950s, aromatic mustards like chlorambucil were introduced as less toxic alkylating agents than the aliphatic nitrogen mustards, proving to be less electrophilic and react with DNA more slowly.
  • Like other Dijon mustards, Grey Poupon contains a small amount of white wine. The American version is made with brown mustard seed grown in Canada.
  • Nitrogen mustards are cytotoxic organic compounds with the chloroethylamine ((ClCH2)2NR2) functional group.
  • The vesicant action of a family of chemicals related to the sulfur mustards, but with nitrogen substituting for sulfur was discovered—the "nitrogen mustards" were born.
  • Among the displays are sweet hot mustards, fruit mustards, hot pepper mustards, horseradish mustards, and spirit mustards.
  • In 2013, Caplansky's launched a line of mustards in grocery stores and specialty shops across Ontario, Quebec, and Nova Scotia.
  • Around 2000, the company started producing specialty mustards with horseradish as a key ingredient.
  • Other species of "Draba"; more broadly, small species of "Cardamine" and other springtime mustards.
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