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NOUN   nacre | -
SYNO mother-of-pearl | nacre
Perlmutt {n}
nacrePerlmutter {f} {n}
nacre [less common for a shellfish having a pearly layer]perlmutterliefernde Muschel {f} [Perlmuschel]
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  • Well defined tablets of nacre are present in shells larger than approximately 5 mm which are absent or poorly resolved in shells 1 mm or less.
  • This mussel is 5 to 9 centimeters long. It is yellow to reddish brown in color, and has a pink or white nacre.
  • Mother-of-pearl or nacre is the naturally occurring lustrous layer that lines some mollusc shells.
  • The interior of the shell is pearly and iridescent because of a thick layer of nacre (mother of pearl).
  • In nature, pearl oysters produce pearls by covering a minute invasive object with nacre.
  • Žirovnice was traditionally town of weavers, but in 1863, manufacturing of buttons from nacre was introduced.
  • There, she investigated how mother-of-pearl (nacre) gets its natural strength and resilience with the hope to recreate it synthetically, by patterning hydrogels with nacre proteins.
  • "Fusconaia flava" shell is thick and can be compressed or inflated, has a triangular to an elongate triangle shape. Nacre (the inside layer of the shell) is white, but sometimes the nacre can be pink or salmon color.
  • Color: The surface is a dead slightly creamy white, formed by a thin calcareous layer through which the underlying nacre shines.
  • Nacre is secreted by the epithelial cells of the mantle tissue of various molluscs.
  • Colour: a dead chalky white, with an exquisite pearly nacre below the outside layer and within the shell.
  • The color is a dead creamy white, with the underlying nacre gleaming through.
  • The color of the shell is a bluish white when alive, with a translucent calcareous layer through which the nacre shines.
  • The length of the shell reaches up to 6mm, covered by iridescent nacre spines along the outside, much like other species in the genus "Calliotropis".
  • The large scale model of materials is based on the fact that crack deflection is an important toughening mechanism of nacre.
  • Oysters have a strong inner shell layer composed of nacre, also known as "mother of pearl".
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