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neglecting {adj} {pres-p}vernachlässigend
neglectingVernachlässigung {f}
to be guilty of neglecting sth.etw. schuldhaft versäumen
hazard generated by neglecting ergonomic principles [EN 292, obsolete] Gefährdung {f} durch Vernachlässigung ergonomischer Prinzipien [EN 292, veraltet]
hazards {pl} generated by neglecting ergonomic principles [ISO 12100] Gefährdung {f} durch Vernachlässigung ergonomischer Grundsätze [ISO 12100]
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  • In 1444 abbot Stephen Mersey was deposed for neglecting the monastery buildings and for plunging the abbey into debt.
  • This can be seen by first replacing "βc" by "v" in eq. (1) and then neglecting "β"2 because of its small size.
  • When Ken Burns' television miniseries "Jazz" was released in 2001, it was criticised for neglecting Evans's work after his departure from the Miles Davis' sextet.
  • Moskal began to push Lukomski aside and undertake decisions without consulting the Commission for Polish Affairs, even neglecting to notify it of his decisions.
  • Hence, neglecting this fluctuation (like in the earlier mean-field approach) corresponds to neglecting the order-order correlation, which diverges near the critical point.
  • Satvindar Nagra criticised the Oslo Principles for neglecting to engage with the legal implications of climate change displacement under international human rights law and refugee law.
  • This equation will give the total time "t" the projectile must travel for to reach the target's horizontal displacement, neglecting air resistance.
  • 79 seats changed hands, neglecting any intervening by-elections since the 2017 general election. These are listed at 2019 United Kingdom general election.
  • Boundary conditions for such calculations include assumptions of an incompressible fluid, a two-dimensional system, neglecting of body forces, and neglecting of inertial forces.
  • Aaron Dennison remained in Waltham as the superintendent of the mechanical department. In 1861 Robbins dismissed him for neglecting his duties and meddling with other departments.
  • Further simplifications are often made, assuming straight-line propagation (neglecting ray bending), as discussed below.
  • Indeed, simulating the different parts of a complex system separately means neglecting all the possible effects of their mutual interactions.
  • In 1853 the prefect of the Aube started a dispute with Millet over Troyes Cathedral, claiming he was neglecting the work and should be replaced.
  • Julien Vinson undertook most of his work on the Basque language and Indian languages (Hindustani, Tamil), without neglecting other areas such as the American languages.
  • His work has been criticized in Poland for neglecting political and social aspects of the territories he described while focusing on their German character.
  • Widower Jordan Blake (Bing Crosby) is a successful Broadway producer and songwriter, but he has been neglecting his teenaged children, Jerry (Robert Arthur) and Barbara (Natalie Wood).
  • He was fined £100 in 1702 for 'neglecting his duties as a portman' but recognised for his service to Ipswich.
  • He was the son of a farmer, whose father had lost the family mill in Palermo through neglecting business to dance at folk festivals around Italy.
  • To the first order approximation(neglecting [...]), the self-similar equation solution.
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