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ADJ   negroid | more negroid | most negroid
NOUN   negroid | negroids
SYNO Black | blackamoor | Black person | ...
negroid {adj} [dated; often considered pej.]
negrid [veraltet] [oft als pej. angesehen]
negroid {adj} [dated]
negroid [veraltet]
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  • French historian Jean Vercoutter has claimed that archaeological workers routinely classified Negroid remains as Mediterranean, even though they found such remains in substantial numbers with ancient artefacts.
  • The concept of dividing humankind into three races called Caucasoid, Mongoloid, and Negroid (originally named "Ethiopian") was introduced in the 1780s by members of the Göttingen School of History and further developed by Western scholars in the context of racist ideologies during the age of colonialism.
  • Blumenbach claimed Negroid pigmentation arose because of the result of the heat of the tropical sun.
  • Jehan Desanges stated that "In the Punic burial grounds, negroid remains were not rare and there were black auxiliaries in the Carthaginian army who were certainly not Nilotics".
  • Sonia Zakrzewski (2003) found that samples from the Badarian to the Middle Kingdom in Upper Egypt had "tropical body plans" but that their proportions were actually "super-negroid", i.e.
  • Support for Anuchin's theory of Ethiopian birth declined after it was exposed as racially based, implying that "hamitic" Ethiopian origins better explained Gannibal's success than "negroid" origins.
  • Imzilen or imazilen are generally immigrants of a negroid heritage that would take on 3 hereditary trades such as a blacksmith, public criers and measures and weighers in markets.
  • Some residents of the municipality have distinct Negroid features which in colonial days were called "mulatos pardos" (mulatto brown) denoting their negroid admixture.
  • The concept of dividing humankind into the Mongoloid, Caucasoid, and Negroid races was introduced in the 1780s by members of the Göttingen School of History.
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