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NOUN   a nymph stage | nymph stages
nymph stage
Nymphenstadium {n}
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nymph stage
Nymphenstadium {n}biol.
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  • During the nymph stage, ticks most frequently transmit Lyme disease and are usually most active in late spring and early summer in regions where the climate is mild.
  • The larvae then molt to become the first nymph stage.
  • Chorus cicada have a nymph stage before their last molt and become an adult.
  • Wing stumps are only recognisable after the third nymph stage.
  • The lifecycle of the western flower thrips varies in length due to temperature, with the adult living from two to five or more weeks, and the nymph stage lasting from five to 20 days.
  • The nymph stage of "U. carovei" is preyed on by weka and feral cats. Adults are predated by rats, kingfishers.
  • Larval ticks hatch with six legs, acquiring the other two after a blood meal and molting into the nymph stage.
  • This flooding with waters from the nearby river Dordogne would disrupt the life cycle of the phylloxera louse by inhibiting its growth during its nymph stage.
  • "Dryinus sinicus" is a species of dryinidae wasp. It is a parasitoid of the nymph stage spotted lanternfly in its native range of China.
  • Adult male mating calls are influenced in the nymph stage by temperature and length of daylight.
  • The waxy covering of many species of scale protects their adults effectively from contact insecticides, which are only effective against the first-instar nymph stage known as the "crawler".
  • These mouthparts are used during the nymph stage to tap underground roots for water, minerals and carbohydrates and in the adult stage to acquire nutrients and water from plant stems.
  • The cercaria then invades the second intermediate host, the larval or nymph stage of an aquatic insect.
  • When the wētā is at the nymph stage, after it emerges, it will look for a dark place to allow time for its white-rose coloured exoskeleton to become hardened and pigmented.
  • After the eggs hatch, the nymph stage of the cycle begins.
  • The stage when ticks are most able to transmit this disease is the nymph stage.
  • Once the larva has engorged itself on skin and has fallen off its host, it develops to its nymph stage. The nymph is sexually immature, but more closely resembles the adult.
  • In the case of the cochineal, it is in the nymph stage (also called the crawler stage) that the cochineal disperses.
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