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NOUN   an oöcyte | oöcytes
oöcyte [spv.]
Oozyt {m}
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Übersetzung für 'oöcyte' von Englisch nach Deutsch

oöcyte [spv.]
Oozyt {m}biol.
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  • Transvaginal oocyte retrieval (TVOR), also referred to as oocyte retrieval (OCR), is a technique used in in vitro fertilization (IVF) in order to remove oocytes from the ovary of a woman, enabling fertilization outside the body.
  • During oogenesis, cytoplasmic bridges called "ring canals" connect the forming oocyte to nurse cells. Nutrients and developmental control molecules move from the nurse cells into the oocyte. In the figure to the left, the forming oocyte can be seen to be covered by follicular support cells.
  • Cumulus oophorus cells contribute heavily to the maturation and eventual fertilization of an oocyte. As a follicle grows in size and the antrum develops, more layers of cumulus oophorus cells accumulate around the oocyte to aid in the acrosome reaction and sperm penetration into the oocyte. The proximity between the cumulus oophorus cells and the oocyte favors bidirectional communication, which is vital for oocyte development.
  • The cortical reaction occurs due to calcium oscillations inside the oocyte. What triggers such oscillations is PLC-zeta, a phospholipase unique to sperm that is very sensitive to calcium concentrations. When the first spermatozoa get inside the oocyte, it brings in PLC-zeta, that is activated by oocyte's basal calcium concentrations, initiates the formation of IP3 and causes calcium release from endoplasmic reticulum stores, generating the oscillations in calcium concentration that will activate the oocyte and block polyspermy.
  • Growth/differentiation factor 9 is a protein that in humans is encoded by the "GDF9" gene. Paracrine interactions between the developing oocyte and its surrounding follicular cells is essential for the correct progression of both the follicle and the oocyte.
  • In respect to invertebrates, nurse cells are polytenic germline cells that contribute to the development of the oocyte, producing multiple nuclei. In fruit flies "(Drosophila)," nurse cells surround the developing oocyte and synthesize proteins and RNAs that are to be deposited in it. Nurse cells are highly polyploid (up to 8000C). They dump their cytoplasm containing RNAs and proteins into the oocyte via ring canals.
  • Until the preovulatory stage, the follicle contains a primary oocyte that is arrested in prophase of meiosis I. During the late preovulatory stage, the oocyte continues meiosis and becomes a secondary oocyte, arrested in metaphase II.
  • The decreasing cGMP concentration occurs in a sequential fashion, from the mural granulosa cells, the cumulus granulosa cells and finally the oocyte. The diffusion of cGMP out of the oocyte promotes meiotic resumption. It proposed that the diffusion of cGMP away from the oocyte occurs before LH-induced closure of gap junctions between somatic cells, could be an “augment step to further guarantee a low level of cGMP within the oocyte or cumulus granulosa”.
  • Oocyte (or ovum/egg) activation is a series of processes that occur in the oocyte during fertilization.
  • A "Drosophila melanogaster" oocyte develops in an egg chamber in close association with a set of cells called nurse cells. Both the oocyte and the nurse cells are descended from a single germline stem cell, however cytokinesis is incomplete in these cell divisions, and the cytoplasm of the nurse cells and the oocyte is connected by structures known as ring canals. Only the oocyte undergoes meiosis and contributes DNA to the next generation.
  • In humans, there are at least two different origins of sperm chemoattractants. One is the cumulus cells that surround the oocyte, and the other is the mature oocyte itself. It is a hydrophobic non-peptide molecule which, when secreted from the oocyte, is in complex with a carrier protein is sufficient to account for the lack of specificity in the chemotactic response of mammalian spermatozoa.
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