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NOUN   an oocyst | oocysts
Oozyste {f}
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Übersetzung für 'oocyst' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Oozyste {f}biol.
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  • There are two forms of oocyst: sporulated or late oocyst, and unsporulated or early oocyst.
  • The oocyst of "Nematopsis" contains a single uni-nucleated vermiform sporozoite (Prasadan and Janardana 2001).
  • Each oocyst contains 8 sporozoites.
  • The oocyst contains sixteen spores.
  • There may be 16 or 32 sporocysts per oocyst.
  • Eight sporozoites form per oocyst.
  • Sporocyst development occurs inside the oocyst envelope.
  • The gametocyst then transforms into a single oocyst which contains 8 sporozoites.
  • The oocysts lack sporocysts. Each oocyst have 8-14 free sporozoites. A large oocyst residuum is present. The micropyle tends to be large.
  • The oocysts have no sporocysts. A distinct convex micropyle is usually present at one end of the oocyst. Within each oocyst there are 8 or more free sporozoites and a large oocyst residuum.
  • The oocyst has numerous sporocysts each with two sporozoites.
  • The oocyst contains numerous sporozoites. Sporocysts do not occur.
  • Genus diagnosis is dependent on the oocyst: there is a definite cell wall in this genus whereas in "Dorisiella" the oocyst wall is membrane like.
  • Subsequently, zygotes transition to an oocyst stage.
  • Gametes are formed and fuse forming an oocyst. The oocysts are star shaped.
  • The oocyst then begins to divide into numerous sporozoites which remain within the thick oocyst capsule.
  • The ookinte is now known as an oocyst. Within the oocyst the nuclei migrate to the surface of the oocyst and gather cytoplasm around them becoming known as sporoblasts.
  • In terms of morphology, It has spherical oocysts that are between 7.5 and 10 μm in diameter that also have a 50-nm-thick wall with an outer thread-like coat that has been called a wrinkle by some researchers.
  • Active "oocysts" are picked up by the bird (or other livestock) and swallowed.
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