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NOUN   an oocyte | oocytes
Eizellen {pl}
Oozyten {pl}
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Übersetzung für 'oocytes' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Eizellen {pl}biol.

Oozyten {pl}biol.
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  • Developing oocytes are arranged within the ovariole in an ontogenic series, with early stage oocytes toward the anterior and later stage oocytes posterior.
  • In mammalian oocytes, the process of meiotic arrest and meiotic maturation is controlled by in large part by cAMP concentrations in the cell.
  • The females carried an average of 49,544 oocytes, with the larger fishes have a greater number of oocytes.
  • The potential of cryopreserved IVM oocytes from cancer patients remain unknown.
  • The little fire ant "Wasmannia auropunctata" produces unique kinds of meiotic oocytes with a drastic reduction in recombination.
  • Oogonium are the stem cells for oocytes, and were previously thought to be depleted during development during the production of the primary oocytes.
  • A follow-up experiment utilized 20-hydroxyecdysone, an ecdysone known to enhance maturation and size of oocytes.
  • "Xenopus" oocytes are a leading system in their own right for studies of various systems, including ion transport and channel physiology.
  • The immature oocytes are retrieved from the artificial ovary and cultured in vitro for a further 24–48 hours, allowing them to mature oocytes which are ready for IVF or vitrification (cryopreservation).
  • Dissection studies have revealed that females with mature oocytes in their ovaries and females with oocytes in the stage of vitellogenesis have strongly dilated crops.
  • 2017: Aspirated first oocytes from Whiterhino in Africa. Culture of 2 cell and 4 cell embryos from rhino oocytes.
  • Whole genome bisulfite sequencing has also been applied to developmental biology studies in which non-CG methylation was discovered prevalent in pluripotent stem cells and oocytes.
  • The first pattern was filamentous ovarioles with no oocytes (eggs) seen.
  • Oogenesis results in the formation of both primary oocytes during fetal period, and of secondary oocytes after it as part of ovulation.
  • Such an observation suggests that the symbiodinium were incorporated into the gametes, the oocytes, during oogenesis– the cellular division process yielding haploid oocytes.
  • In IVF or its derivatives, "fertilization rate" may be used to measure how many oocytes become fertilized by sperm cells.
  • Spawning occurs all year, with seasonal peaks. Oocytes measure between [...] and [...].
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