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Oogamie {f}
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Übersetzung für 'oogamy' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Oogamie {f}biol.
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  • Sexual reproduction varies from isogamy (both genders produce flagellated gametes of equal size) to oogamy (one gender produces a much larger, nonmotile gamete).
  • Larger volvocaceans have evolved a specialized form of heterogamy called oogamy, the production of small motile sperm by one mating type and relatively larger immotile eggs by another.
  • "Chlamydomonass asexual reproduction occurs by zoospores, aplanospores, hypnospores, or a palmella stage, while its sexual reproduction is through isogamy, anisogamy or oogamy.
  • The oedogoniales have a highly specialized type of oogamy, and an elaborate method of cell division which results in the accumulation of apical caps.
  • It is generally accepted that isogamy is the ancestral state and that oogamy evolves from isogamy through anisogamy. However, transitions do exist between anisogamy and oogamy.
  • A) anisogamy of motile cells, B) oogamy (egg cell and sperm cell), C) anisogamy of non-motile cells (egg cell and spermatia).
  • Where it has been described, sexual reproduction of chytrids occurs via a variety of methods. It is generally accepted that the resulting zygote forms a resting spore, which functions as a means of surviving adverse conditions. In some members, sexual reproduction is achieved through the fusion of isogametes (gametes of the same size and shape). This group includes the notable plant pathogens "Synchytrium". Some algal parasites practice oögamy: A motile male gamete attaches itself to a nonmotile structure containing the female gamete. In another group, two thalli produce tubes that fuse and allow the gametes to meet and fuse. In the last group, rhizoids of compatible strains meet and fuse. Both nuclei migrate out of the zoösporangium and into the conjoined rhizoids where they fuse. The resulting zygote germinates into a resting spore.
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