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ADJ   oolitic | more oolitic | most oolitic
NOUN   oolitic | oolitics
oolitic {adj}
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Übersetzung für 'oolitic' von Englisch nach Deutsch

oolitic {adj}
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  • The site is notable for containing both the oolitic limestone of the northern Cotswolds, and the fossil-bearing limestone found further south.
  • The site is situated on steep west-facing slopes which overlook the River Avon. The calcareous soils have developed on Lower Lias clays, fuller's earth and oolitic limestone strata of Jurassic age.
  • The rocks predominantly comprise calcareous mudstones though also include clays, shales and marls with marly, tuffaceous and shelly limestones, occasional oolitic and sandy strata, and evaporites.
  • Most of the buildings and boundary walls are built from the local oolitic limestone.
  • It is a one-story oolitic limestone building, built by stonemasons Chris Tollstrup and Gustav Nielsen.
  • Higher in the layer, the carbonate contain larger grains, so that the carbonates are described as oolitic limestone or grainstone.
  • The bed is composed of oolitic fossiliferous limestone, associated with large, freshwater stromatolites and nine levels of dinosaur tracks (trace fossils) in the El Molino Formation document an open lacustrine environment.
  • Also known as "oolitic" sand, the sugar-sized round grains of this sand pass easily through the gills of gobies and other sand-sifting organisms.
  • The shallow reefal biomicrite and mud-supported oolitic and pelletoidal biosparite limestones preserve fossils dating back to the Paleogene period.
  • The fine grained oolitic limestone that is quarried from this site is covered by a layer of Mitchell limestone in some places.
  • The lower member consists of buff microcrystalline massive limestone in the lower part with an oolitic bed at the top.
  • Because of the waters of the Bahamas are warm with shoals that create rough waters, the conditions for oolitic aragonite sand are optimal and results in the high rate of formation and accumulation.
  • One-and-a-half-story oolitic limestone house, [...] in plan. It was one of the first group of homes built outside the Manti forts.
  • The statue is [...] tall and composed of oolitic limestone, similar to Bath stone.
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