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NOUN   an oolong tea | oolong teas
oolong tea
Oolongtee {m}
oolong tea
Oolong-Tee {m}
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Übersetzung für 'oolong tea' von Englisch nach Deutsch

oolong tea
Oolongtee {m}gastr.

Oolong-Tee {m}gastr.
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  • It will produce Suntory Oolong Tea, Boss and Orangina.
  • Before 1873, oolong tea was widely sold in Mainland China and Taiwan, but after an economic slump, some tea companies stopped selling oolong tea because of decreasing demand.
  • Xiamen people mostly drink Oolong tea and especially love Anxi Tieguanyin, which is known as the highest grade of tea.
  • Like most Wuyi oolongs, it sits in the highly oxidized end of the oolong tea spectrum, though in the lower range of oxidization for a Wuyi tea, which tend to be 60-80% oxidized.
  • He likes living a leisurely, quiet life and appreciates small things in his day, such as the oolong tea (which he sometimes calls Bohea) that Jeeves brings to him every morning.
  • Shui Xian (traditional/simplified Chinese: 水仙, pinyin: shuǐxiān) is a cultivar of "Camellia sinensis" as well as an oolong tea traditionally from the Wuyi Mountains in Fujian, China.
  • Authentic Chaoshan restaurants serve very strong oolong tea called Tieguanyin in very tiny cups before and after the meal.
  • Taiwan is famous for the making of oolong tea and green tea, as well as many western-styled teas.
  • Distinctive research programs in the field of specialized teas including the oolong tea have been established here, which provide a comprehensive and unique education and research opportunities for undergraduate and graduate studies.
  • Portable vacuum flasks are popular for carrying home-brewed tea, particularly hot tea in the winter and cold tea in the summer, particularly cold oolong tea.
  • Later, a poster named "Neoūroncha" ("Neo-oolong tea") attempted to imitate Neomugicha by plotting to blow up the Odakyu Electric Railway in Japan and posting warnings about it on 2channel.
  • The manufacture of oolong tea involves repeating stages to achieve the desired amount of bruising and browning of leaves.
  • Therefore, alternatives are being searched for, including lanthanide acetates or platinum blue as well as the use of less defined substances such as oolong tea extract.
  • salicina", and oolong tea liquor.
  • Chinese yellow and green tea are steamed, roasted and dried; Oolong tea is semi-oxidised and appears green-black and black teas are fully oxidised.
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