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NOUN   an oscilloscope screen | oscilloscope screens
oscilloscope screen
Oszilloskopschirm {m}
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Übersetzung für 'oscilloscope screen' von Englisch nach Deutsch

oscilloscope screen
Oszilloskopschirm {m}electr.
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • This so-called V-I (voltage versus current) graph is displayed on an oscilloscope screen.
  • The gated delay unit is precisely to this end, and makes a delayed copy of the original signal in such a way that its tail section is seen alongside its main section on the oscilloscope screen.
  • The first truly parallel instrument was the twelve channel HP 1601L, it was a plug-in for the HP 180 series oscilloscope mainframes and used the oscilloscope screen to present 16 rows of 12 bit words as 1s and 0s.
  • He and two other employees (Edward Averill and James Larsen, but for convenience the three will be referred to collectively as Alappat) devised a form of "rasterizer," which is a device used in a digital oscilloscope to smooth waveform data before displaying the waveform on the oscilloscope screen.
  • One camera pans throughout the room, while the other is fixed on what appears to be an oscilloscope screen.
  • A full set of characteristic curves for vacuum tubes, and later for semiconductor devices, could be displayed on an oscilloscope screen by use of a plug-in adapter, or on a dedicated curve tracer.
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