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NOUN   an oscilloscope | oscilloscopes
analog and digital oscilloscopes [Am.]Analog- und Digital-Oszilloskope {pl}
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  • The production of CRT's and oscilloscopes was part of DuMont Laboratories located in Upper Montclair, NJ.
  • Tektronix, a major manufacturer of oscilloscopes, offered a limited gamut of color in some of its CRT oscilloscopes, using Penetron-type technology.
  • The intense discharge is reported to distort oscilloscopes nearby.
  • These are found in "analog phosphor storage oscilloscopes". These are distinct from "digital storage oscilloscopes" which rely on solid state digital memory to store the image.
  • Even if the magnitude of the variations in power consumption are small, standard digital oscilloscopes can easily show the data-induced variations.
  • PicoScope is computer software for real-time signal acquisition of Pico Technology oscilloscopes.
  • PicoScope is compatible with Parallel port oscilloscopes and the newer USB oscilloscopes.
  • RCA manufactured equipment for repairing radios, such as oscilloscopes.
  • Tektronix vintage analog oscilloscopes technologies and evolution. The company was founded in the mid-1940s to produce oscilloscopes.
  • Variations in triggered-sweep oscilloscopes include models offered with CRTs using long-persistence phosphors, such as type P7.
  • Digital oscilloscopes can be classified into two primary categories: digital storage oscilloscopes and digital sampling oscilloscopes.
  • Valve oscilloscopes share this very high input impedance and thus can be used to measure voltages even in very high impedance circuits.
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