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NOUN   a purlin | purlins
Pfette {f}
2 Wörter
(roof) purlin
Dachpfette {f}
center purlin [Am.]
Mittelpfette {f} [eines Pfettendaches]
centre purlin [Br.]
Mittelpfette {f} [eines Pfettendaches]
intermediate purlin
Zwischenpfette {f} [eines Pfettendaches]
middle purlin
Mittelpfette {f} [eines Pfettendaches]
purlin joint
Dachpfettenstoß {m}
purlin roof
Pfettendach {n}
purlin spacingPfettenabstand {m}
ridge purlin
Firstpfette {f} [eines Pfettendaches]
timber purlin
Holzpfette {f}
4 Wörter
rafter-to-purlin connector
Sparrenpfettenanker {m}
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  • A comparable element in roof construction is a purlin.
  • The church's roof is the oldest surviving example of an ornate ridge purlin in Sweden, dating back to the 12th century.
  • A purlin plate in wood construction is also called an "arcade plate" in European English, "under purlin", and "principal purlin".
  • At the gables the eaves may extend beyond the gable end wall by projecting the purlins and are usually capped off by bargeboards to protect the wall and the purlin ends.
  • A rafter can be reinforced with a strut, principal purlin, collar beam, or, rarely, an auxiliary rafter (see below).
  • The wind-brace below the purlin in this location has been removed, the jointing retained, and the west end of the purlin truncated.
  • The living room was bisected by the ridge purlin, the fireplace placed in one half of the room.
  • The purlins are attached to the ribs using a "hook" bolt, which hooks through a pre-drilled hole in the rib and is secured into the purlin. The hook bolt is a unique feature of the Nissen design.
  • A purlin-plate runs across the top of the bents, also mortised and braced.
  • There is an intact roof truss, and the main roof timbers meet vertically underneath the roof purlin, which Lake considers characteristic of Cheshire timber framing of the 15th century.
  • The rafters rise from end plates to a purlin where the roof pitch changes.
  • Among the rituals of restoration of traditional Chinese buildings, the raising of the ridge purlin, the main roof support beam, is the most significant.
  • On a purlin roof the ridge posts carry the ridge purlin.
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