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NOUN   quadrupedalism | -
Quadrupedalismus {m}
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Übersetzung für 'quadrupedalism' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Quadrupedalismus {m}biol.
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  • This isolation led to the implication of more genes as the causes of quadrupedalism.
  • Real-world tripedalism is rare, in contrast to the common bipedalism of two-legged animals and quadrupedalism of four-legged animals.
  • They lived in trees and apparently moved on top of tree limbs by a combination of quadrupedalism and leaping, much as do living squirrel monkeys of the genus "Saimiri".
  • Movement within the rainforest canopy and floor includes quadrupedalism (walking and running on supports), bridging (crossing gaps by stretching), and climbing.
  • The limb bones of "Cantius frugivorus" suggest it moved by arboreal quadrupedalism and leaping.
  • The phalanges of the hands and feet suggest powerful grasping consistent with arboreal quadrupedalism.
  • An alternative explanation is that the mixture of savanna and scattered forests increased terrestrial travel by proto-humans between clusters of trees, and bipedalism offered greater efficiency for long-distance travel between these clusters than quadrupedalism.
  • They have bipedalism and quadrupedalism types of retreat.
  • Specialized locomotor behaviours, such as brachiating, are thought to have evolved from arboreal quadrupedalism.
  • A related concept to quadrupedalism is pronogrady, or having a horizontal posture of the trunk.
  • The development of entaxony in "Aardonyx" provides further evidence for its reduced cursorial ability and wider gauge-gait, which is thought to have preceded obligatory quadrupedalism in sauropodomorphs.
  • This family exhibited locomotive dynamism; there exists evidence for both bipedalism and quadrupedalism within iguanodontid species, supporting the idea that individual organisms were capable of both locomoting exclusively with their hind limbs and locomoting quadrupedally.
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