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rabbit-skin glueHasenleim {m}
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Übersetzung für 'rabbit-skin glue' von Englisch nach Deutsch

rabbit-skin glue
Hasenleim {m}
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  • Janie Ellis prepared many of the bonded plywood and masonite boards that Curtis painted on, making the base layer of gesso from a fine powder mixed with rabbit skin glue and cooked to the right consistency over a period of hours.
  • These crude retablos were coated with a gesso made with gypsum and rabbit skin glue.
  • Specific types include "hide glue", "bone glue", "fish glue", "rabbit-skin glue".
  • Historically, artists used several types of adhesives including a rabbit-skin glue.
  • Gesso is a traditional mix of an animal glue binder (usually rabbit-skin glue), chalk, and white pigment, used to coat rigid surfaces such as wooden painting panels or masonite as a permanent absorbent primer substrate for painting.
  • 1 hog's bristle brush on linen primed with rabbit-skin glue, Bastidas achieved a high level of image definition.
  • Any polychrome losses were then replaced by applying a putty made from ground calcite (also known as "blanc d’Espanya") and rabbit-skin glue.
  • Traditionally, the canvas was coated with a layer of animal glue (modern painters will use rabbit skin glue) as the size and primed with lead white paint, sometimes with added chalk.
  • Within the field of icon painting, levkas is the mixture of fine alabaster powder, calcium sulfate (a form of gypsum), or calcium carbonate (chalk) along with glue (often rabbit skin glue, sometimes fish glue derived from the bladder of a sturgeon) applied in layers to a surface prior to gilding that surface with gold leaf or painting it, similar to gesso.
  • A traditional and flexible chalk gesso is composed of lead carbonate and linseed oil, applied over a rabbit skin glue ground; a variation using titanium white pigment and calcium carbonate is rather brittle and susceptible to cracking.
  • Other commonly used traditional materials for gold leaf sizing are rabbit-skin glue diluted and heated in water (water gilding), and boiled linseed oil (oil gilding); modern materials include polyvinyl acetate.
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