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NOUN   a rabble-rousing | rabble-rousings
SYNO incendiary | incitive | inflammatory | ...
rabble-rousing {adj}hetzerisch
rabble-rousing {adj}wühlerisch
rabble-rousing {adj}aufhetzerisch
rabble-rousing {adj}aufwieglerisch
rabble-rousing {adj}aufrührerisch
rabble-rousingVolksverhetzung {f}
rabble-rousingAufhetzerei {f} [durch Reden]
Hetze {f}
3 Wörter
rabble-rousing speechHetzrede {f}
4 Wörter
to make rabble-rousing speechesHetzreden halten
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  • Everett clarified that he was not a "full Tory", but that he had been appalled by the actions of Arthur Scargill, whom he saw as "inciting violence" and "rabble rousing" and who he thought looked like "Hitler reborn".
  • James Hamilton from "Music Weeks "RM" Dance Update described it as a "rabble rousing phonetic exhortations shouted surging fantastically frantic 0-160 3-0bpm raver from Germany".
  • The two quarrelled in 1932 however and the rabble-rousing Baars soon set up his own movement, the General Dutch Fascist League (ANFB).
  • To Rome He was just one more rabble rousing messiah. To His followers, His talk of a Heavenly Kingdom was a reference to an afterlife and was not a part of this world.
  • In the episode, a rabble-rousing doomsayer named Walter Trump (played by Lawrence Dobkin) comes to town.
  • The strummed guitar and marching band elements (bagpipe emulation and percussion) signalled a change in musical direction—though the rabble-rousing-melody and football pitch vocal delivery were standard Skids fare.
  • This mix of songs contributes to the film's atmosphere, contrasting rabble-rousing songs that depict the island's community like "The Landlord's Daughter" and the child-sung "Maypole" with the sinister "Fire Leap" and the erotic "Willow's Song" before culminating in the islanders' rendition of the Middle English "Sumer Is Icumen In".
  • The historical character, angry and bitter at being rejected by the academy, feeling that he deserved to be accepted and that he must have been the victim of some kind of conspiracy, begins to descend the path that would eventually lead him to be the rabble-rousing leader of the Nazi Party and the dictator of Nazi Germany.
  • The Anti-Masonic heritage to the Whigs included a distrust of behind-the-scenes political maneuvering by party bosses, instead of encouraging direct appeals to the people through gigantic rallies, parades, and rhetorical rabble-rousing.
  • His provocative monologues and announcements were characterised as "rabble-rousing".
  • Bothered by the Capuchins' show, annoyed by the Pope's political maneuvers and worried about the loss of hope of the citizens, the Duke decided to display his strength by forcibly expelling the rabble-rousing friars from the city, abandoning any expectation of papal help and unilaterally taking in his hands the control of the city rebuilding.
  • Unlike many rabble-rousing parochial preachers and Islam-supremacist televangelists Azmi uses words to calm nerves, close breaches and salve wounds".
  • Known for his rabble-rousing, Mach played a leading role in orchestrating the violence that followed the collapse of Czechoslovakia in March 1939 in his role as head of the Slovak Office of Propaganda.
  • In 1910, the Jews of Smolensk were victims of a bloody pogrom; in city there were rabble-rousing conditions.
  • This success was despite the song's poor review in pop magazine Smash Hits; music journalist David Hepworth described the song as "A tired, hollow effort struggling between weary attempts at rabble-rousing and blush-making pseudo-Springsteen 'street' songs that reek of desperation and contract fulfilling.
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