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NOUN   a saber | sabers
sabers [Am.]
Säbel {pl}
to rattle sabers [Am.]
mit (den) Säbeln rasseln
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Übersetzung für 'sabers' von Englisch nach Deutsch

sabers [Am.]
Säbel {pl}weapons

to rattle sabers [Am.]
mit (den) Säbeln rasselnidiom
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • The Bosniak army seized 12 cannons, 315 tents, thousands of barrels, and many rifles, sabers and other military equipment.
  • A saber arch is a wedding tradition in which sabers or swords are used to salute a newly married couple.
  • was an event on 3 September 1924, when a group of young military officers protested against the political class and the postponement of social measures by rattling the scabbards (chapes) of their sabers against the floor.
  • EMA's sabers were engraved with a unique, copyrighted design.
  • The bodies were facially and bodily disfigured by deep wounds from sabers and bayonets.
  • Unlike most other units which carried the title of "grenadiers", the Argentine Grenadiers are a cavalry unit, and continue to mount horses for ceremonial purposes, as well as carrying lances and cavalry sabers.
  • Among the Military, curved, single-handed sabers ("To") were the preferred side-arm.
  • At the 2014 World Championship in Kazan, Olga Kharlan became the world champion in individual competitions among female sabers.
  • Since the 12th century, sabers have become widespread, which were forged from carburized iron blanks, after which they were repeatedly hardened using a particularly complex technology, resulting in a product with the hardest blade.
  • It is accompanied by two sabers, made of Damascus steel, which are marked with the name of Emperor.
  • His war trophies, sabers, holsters, and rifles were preserved with his son Jovan Spužić.
  • By the time of the termination of German funding by the fall of 1918, the army consisted of about 3,5 thousand bayonets and sabers.
  • By the years of the Islamic golden age, the sabers and double-edged swords of the Middle East co-existed.
  • Patton designed the saber when he was Master of the Sword at the Mounted Service School; unlike earlier revisions of cavalry sabers, however, the 1913 saber was a complete redesign.
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