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NOUN   a shop floor | shop floors
shop floorVerkaufsraum {m}
shop floor
Werkstatt {f}
shop floor
Produktionshalle {f}
shop floor
Fabrikhalle {f} [Produktionsstätte]
shop floor [Br.]
Fertigungs­bereich {m}
shop floor [Br.]
Belegschaft {f} [einer Fabrik]
shop floor [Br.]
Produktion {f} [ugs.] [Produktionsbereich]
shop floor [Br.]
Fertigung {f} [Produktionsbereich einer Fabrik]
shop floor [Br.] [workers]Arbeiter {pl} [einer Fabrik]
shop floor [space]
Verkaufsfläche {f}
3 Wörter
shop floor logistics [treated as sg. or pl.]
Fertigungs­logistik {f}
shop floor programming <SFP>
Werkstattprogrammierung {f}
shop floor programming <SFP>
werkstattorientierte Programmierung {f} <WOP>
5+ Wörter
the worker on the shop floor [Br.]der einfache Arbeiter {m}
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  • He was then sent to Wuhan during the Cultural Revolution to work as a shop floor technician at the Gedian Chemical Engineering factory, where he was promoted to supervisor a few years later.
  • It made it much easier to delegate otherwise complex operator tasks to non-technical office and shop floor staff, especially given the intricacies of working with multiple floppy disks.
  • By 1975, Robinson was the union convener of the Longbridge plant in Birmingham, having worked his way up from the shop floor to serve as the deputy of the previous convenor, Dick Etheridge, a fellow member of the Communist Party.
  • The Gilbreths also believed that scientific management as formulated by Taylor fell short when it came to managing the human element on the shop floor.
  • In 2019 FRSO published "Class Struggle on the Shop Floor: Strategy for a New Generation of Socialists in the United States", which outlines core principles of labor organizing like class struggle unionism and the militant minority.
  • The centre contains 129,924m2 of shop floor space, about 530 stores and more than 9300 free car parking spaces.
  • Meanwhile, he worked his way up from the shop floor to be an assistant director of one of the shops of the Nova Kakhovka Machine-Building Factory.
  • They learned their craft on the shop floor, in a kind of apprenticeship scheme.
  • The inventory can also be located directly at the buyer's premises such as the buyer's on-site warehouse, production line or the shop floor itself.
  • Other websites will excerpt or reference forum posts that (much as with the Fark PhotoShop contests) have lasting value, such as ZenDesign excerpting WoW-erizing movie quotes and From the Shop Floor borrowing from the Demotivators thread.
  • It's an interesting look at life on the shop floor of a car factory, along with the art of business negotiation.
  • The experimental manipulations were important in convincing the workers to feel this way, that conditions in the special five-person work group was really different from the conditions on the shop floor.
  • The PAE also meant that this analysis was reflected in the understanding of the IS that the 'locus of reformism' had moved from parliamentary bodies to the shop floor.
  • The CCCC was then the consultant for the BBC Radio 4 drama "The Bizarre Girl", written by Lizzie Slater which was described as "an uplifting drama exploring the dramatic rise of Clarice Cliff from the shop floor to Company Art Director – illustrating how a working-class Staffordshire girl brought modern art to the people."
  • Production equipment control involves production equipment that resides in the shop floor of a manufacturing company and its purpose is to produce goods of a wanted quality when provided with production resources of a required quality.
  • The loyalists workers went on strike after management removed the loyalist flags from the shop floor.
  • Shortly before the start of World War I Camm obtained a position as a shop-floor carpenter at the Martinsyde aircraft company which was located at the Brooklands racing circuit in Weybridge, Surrey.
  • In the system of Company Quality, the work being carried out was shop floor inspection which did not reveal the major quality problems.
  • The first was its increased concern over shop floor discontent and greater determination to preclude it from escalating into broader conflict.
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