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development strengthEntwicklungs­stärke {f}
strength development
Festigkeitsentwicklung {f}
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  • The manufacturer also claims that this change can also be useful to aid in running improvement, help prevent injuries in runners, improve core strength development, and are useful for the rehabilitation of lower extremity injuries, especially in the athlete.
  • In particular, air permeability is almost universally used in the cement industry as a gauge of product fineness which is directly related to such properties as speed of setting and rate of strength development.
  • These hydrates contribute little to strength development.
  • Plyometrics, or more specifically the shock method, is considered a form of specialized strength development.
  • Improvement at armwrestling is most driven by two factors: strength development/conditioning, and experience.
  • By improving the reactivity of pozzolans, their strength-development "rate" is increased.
  • It also has the ability to affect the cement rheology, the compressive strength development, produce shrinkage by 10–15%, increases the permeability with time, and lowers the sulphate resistance.
  • Wet strength development should not be confused with sizing, the first representing the strength of the paper once wet, the latter being the speed and amount of water absorbed by the paper.
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