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NOUN   a terahertz | terahertz / terahertzes
SYNO terahertz | THz
terahertz <THz>
Terahertz {n} <THz>
terahertz camera
Terahertz-Kamera {f}
terahertz light <T-light>
Terahertzlicht {n} [Terahertzstrahlung]
terahertz radiation <T-radiation>
Terahertzstrahlung {f}
terahertz wave <T-wave>
Terahertzwelle {f}
terahertz time-domain spectroscopy <THz-TDS>
Terahertz-Time-Domain-Spektroskopie {f} <THz-TDS>
time-resolved terahertz spectroscopy <TRTS>
zeitaufgelöste Terahertzspektroskopie / Terahertz-Spektroskopie {f}
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  • For some specific imaging systems such as laser pulsed terahertz systems, PSF can be modeled mathematically.
  • Together with carrier acceleration in semiconductors and polymers, optical rectification is one of the main mechanisms for the generation of terahertz radiation using lasers.
  • Terahertz imaging can detect different isomers have different spectral fingerprints in the terahertz range, which enables terahertz spectroscopy to distinguish between stereoisomers—a crucial distinction in pharmacy, where one isomer may be the active compound and its enantiomer may be inactive or even dangerous.
  • Photomixing is the generation of continuous wave terahertz radiation from two lasers. The beams are mixed together and focused onto a photomixer device which generates the terahertz radiation.
  • Terahertz radiation or sub-millimeter radiation is a region of the spectrum from about 100 GHz to 30 terahertz (THz) between microwaves and far infrared which can be regarded as belonging to either band.
  • Terahertz radiation is electromagnetic waves within the ITU-designated band of frequencies from 0.1 to 30 terahertz.
  • Zinc telluride together with lithium niobate is often used for generation of pulsed terahertz radiation in time-domain terahertz spectroscopy and terahertz imaging.
  • His work also focuses on terahertz technology, ranging from terahertz wave generation and detection to industrial applications in nondestructive testing.
  • Research is also being done by Aleksei Kimel at Radboud University in the Netherlands towards the possibility of using terahertz radiation rather than using standard electropulses for writing data on magnetic storage media.
  • In 2006, terahertz pulse propagation in planar metallic structures with holes were shown via FDTD simulations.
  • Electron mobility can be calculated from time-resolved terahertz probe measurement.
  • For use as a terahertz detector, the switch consists of the same geometry but without the applied bias voltage.
  • "IEEE Transactions on Terahertz Science and Technology" is a bimonthly peer-reviewed scientific journal covering terahertz science, technology, instruments, and applications – "Expanding the use of the Electromagnetic Spectrum."
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