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SYNO collectively | conjointly | jointly | ...
together with {conj}sowie
together withim Verbund mit
together with {prep}samt [+Dat.]
together with {prep}mitsamt [+Dat.]
together with {prep}zusammen mit [+Dat.]
together with {prep}nebst [+Dat.] [veraltend]
together with {prep} zusamt [regional] [veraltend] [+Dat.; veraltet +Gen.] [zusammen mit, gemeinsam mit, mitsamt]
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with legs together {adv}mit geschlossenen Beinen
to get together with sb. [form a close relationship] sich mit jdm. verbandeln [regional] [eng verbinden]
to knit sth. together with sth. [also: fig.]etw.Akk. mit etw.Dat. verbinden [auch: fig.]
Fiktion (Literatur und Film)
The Life And Opinions Of the Tomcat Murr together with a fragmentary Biography of Kapellmeister Johannes Kreisler on Random Sheets of Waste Paper
Lebens-Ansichten des Katers Murr nebst fragmentarischer Biographie des Kapellmeisters Johannes Kreisler in zufälligen Makulaturblättern [E.T.A. Hoffmann]
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  • In some systems, an appellate court will only consider the written decision of the lower court, together with any written evidence that was before that court and is relevant to the appeal.
  • However, this together with the interpretations of the scenes depicted are the source of countless theories and disputed 'facts'.
  • Among these is at least one text predating the reign of Sargon. Together with the fact that the name Akkad is of non-Akkadian origin, this suggests that the city of Akkad may have already been occupied in pre-Sargonic times.
  • The presence of some individual algal pigments, together with specific pigment concentration ratios, are taxon-specific: analysis of their concentrations with various analytical methods, particularly high-performance liquid chromatography, can therefore offer deep insight into the taxonomic composition and relative abundance of natural algae populations in sea water samples.
  • Overall anthropometric characteristics and cranial features group the Ainu people most closely together with Native Americans, especially Eskimos, followed by other East Asians, rather than with Europeans.
  • In X-ray crystallography, the C(=O)N center together with the three immediately adjacent atoms characteristically define a plane.
  • The oldest remains in the Aljafería Palace, together with other interesting elements like capitals, reliefs and inscriptions, were made using alabaster, but it was during the artistic and economic blossoming of the Renaissance that Aragonese alabaster reached its golden age.
  • Among contemporary anagrammers, Anu Garg, created an Internet Anagram Server in 1994 together with the satirical anagram-based newspaper "The Anagram Times".
  • and occupies a small triangular-shaped section of which Randolph and Clay counties, together with the northern part of Tallapoosa and Chambers, form the principal portion.
  • Thus, an "axiom" is an elementary basis for a formal logic system that together with the rules of inference define a deductive system.
  • Actinium gave the name to the actinide series, a set of 15 elements between actinium and lawrencium in the periodic table. Together with polonium, radium, and radon, actinium was one of the first non-primordial radioactive elements to be isolated.
  • Fältskog and Ulvaeus, now married, started performing together with Andersson on a regular basis at the Swedish folkparks in the middle of 1971.
  • To his aid came friends and famed directors Keisuke Kinoshita, Masaki Kobayashi and Kon Ichikawa, who together with Kurosawa established in July 1969 a production company called the Club of the Four Knights (Yonki no kai).
  • It is a showcase for the best festival films of the year and an opportunity for master filmmakers and emerging artists to come together with audiences in the movie capital of the world.
  • Meanwhile, the Scotia Arc and Caribbean Plate in the western Atlantic Basin are eastward-propagating subduction systems that might, together with the Gibraltar system, represent the beginning of the closure of the Atlantic Ocean and the final stage of the Atlantic Wilson cycle.
  • Elmar also offers its customers the opportunity to add solar panel or wind turbines. Together with W.E.B.
  • On the other hand, that the property stated here holds for "F" if "F" is algebraically closed follows from the previous property together with the fact that, for any field "K", any polynomial in "K"[...] can be written as a product of irreducible polynomials.
  • The structure of a neuron is seen to consist of two separate functional regions, or compartments [...] the cell body together with the dendrites as one region, and the axonal region as the other.
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