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toggle key
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Übersetzung für 'toggle key' von Englisch nach Deutsch

toggle key
Umschalttaste {f}comp.
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  • To toggle between the three types of Super Weapon the player must press the Commodore key on the computer keyboard.
  • Special power-ups can be accessed by pressing the tab key to toggle between the different icons at the bottom left of the screen and then pushing enter, or simply by pushing the letter key corresponding to the desired icon.
  • Some of the chord presets also have an articulation or playing style feature which is turned on simultaneously, such as POtG, "Power Chords Toggle", which sets up power chords for each key of the 12 Step, while also activating the "toggle" playing feature.
  • key as a toggle for a drop-down console, often being referred to as the "Quake Key".
  • Notable key commands include "pause combat", "toggle item highlights" (to indicate items on the ground and objects in the environment for user interaction), "show map" (to display the current area's local map), and tilt camera up / down (the default view of the game's 2D graphics is a top-down perspective).
  • Its driver must toggle a special top speed key to the left of their seat, which triggers a checklist to establish whether the car and its driver are ready to attempt to reach [...].
  • While the typical locking behavior on keyboards with Caps Lock key is that of a toggle, each press reversing the shift state, some keyboard layouts implement a combi mode, [...] where pressing a Shift key in Caps Lock mode will also release the Caps Lock mode, just as it typically happens in Shift lock mode.
  • Due to the keyboard scan being controlled by the system interrupts, one of the troubleshooting hints when an MSX machine does not display any image (assuming power is present) is to press the CAPS key to see if the respective LED toggles.
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