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NOUN   a toughness | toughnesses
SYNO formidability | huskiness | ruggedness | ...
toughnessZähigkeit {f}
toughnessHärte {f} [Widerstandsfähigkeit]
toughnessHartnäckigkeit {f}
toughnessZähheit {f}
toughnessZäheit {f} [alt]
fracture toughnessBruchzähigkeit {f}
impact toughness
Schlagzähigkeit {f}
head impact toughness [of a screw or bolt]
Kopfschlagzähigkeit {f}
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  • Fracture is largely determined by the fracture toughness (...), so fracture testing is often done to determine this.
  • Some of the factors affecting the toughness of epoxy nanocomposites include the chemical identity of the epoxy curing agent, entanglement density, and interfacial adhesion.
  • The half-back flank was traditionally a defensive position, where reliability and toughness were more important than attacking flair.
  • By complexing metal ions into the polymer matrix, the strength and toughness of the ionomer system is increased.
  • Hydrogen embrittlement is the effect where a previously embrittled material has low fracture toughness whatever atmosphere it is tested in.
  • Shock resisting steels are designed to have high impact resistance (toughness), along with other properties such as strength, hardness.
  • Crack growth programs grow a crack from an initial flaw size until it exceeds the fracture toughness of a material and fails.
  • The Palmqvist method, or the Palmqvist toughness test, (after Sven Robert Palmqvist) is a common method to determine the fracture toughness for cemented carbides.
  • Fracture toughness is required to alter the crack propagation in ceramics.
  • Several other instruments have purported to measure mental toughness, but research has called their validity into question.
  • Coaching for mental toughness. In P. Clough & D.
  • The chevron test is used to determine the fracture toughness [...] of brittle construction materials. The fracture toughness is a basic material parameter for analyzing the bond strength.
  • The candidate fracture toughness [...] equals the mode II fracture toughness [...] if strain energy release rate falls within certain percentage of [...] at different crack lengths specified by ASTM.
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