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tower-like {adj}turmartig
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Übersetzung für 'tower-like' von Englisch nach Deutsch

tower-like {adj}
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  • Other funerary monuments include the large tower-like ossuary containing the remains of cremated individuals and birds of prey, which was found at the junction between the road to London and the road to Gosbecks beneath the modern Colchester Royal Grammar School.
  • Originally the bridge, roadways and footpaths were illuminated by spherical glass light fittings on cast metal mountings on both sides of the arches and the decorative arches of the tower-like elements.
  • West of the city stands a conspicuous and tower-like Hellenistic mausoleum, known as Qasr Faraoun.
  • The Observation Tower like many other buildings at the site exhibit a mansard-like roof.
  • The main feature of the Finlandia Hall building is a tower-like section with a sloping roof.
  • The tower-like character of Meissen Castle, which is still so striking from all sides, is probably a well-calculated image of political significance.
  • It appears like a ship with the bow to the East, the bell tower like a mast, and the handful of houses scattered around.
  • Hallgrímskirkja is best described as a piece of Expressionist architecture because of its tower like exterior, its rejection of traditional styles and its dynamic design.
  • This large tower-like structure was forty-nine feet in height (double the size of the Star-Picking Belvedere), fully equipped with columns of jade, floors of marble, roofs and ceilings of legendary jewels, and railings of great pearls and sea corals.
  • One theory suggests that private tower-like structures proliferate in areas where central authority is weak, leading to a need for a status symbol incorporating private defences against small-scale attacks.
  • Its sole feature is a tower-like object projecting from the omnipresent mud.
  • The building is largely 13th century in date, though it incorporates an originally freestanding bell-tower (like the example at Muthill) of 11th century date on its south side.
  • They will often have three or four oversized fairings in a tower-like way in and an abundance of lights.
  • A few of the redoubts consisted of a single tower-like blockhouse without a platform, and were known as "tour-reduits".
  • In 1994, NEC released a new console, the Japanese-exclusive PC-FX, a 32-bit system with a tower-like designs. It was a commercial failure, leading NEC to abandon the video game industry.
  • veryone got it into their heads over the last few years that I was in my ivory tower like Lennon, baking bread all day.
  • Occasionally, the pizza box may be laid on its sides in a tower-like orientation.
  • Each locality prepares a decorative tower-like pillar structure called a [...] , carried by 30 to 40 strong people to a small lake at Aitnar for immersion.
  • The tower remained in use by the British until the 19th century.
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