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VERB   to trifurcate | trifurcated | trifurcated
trifurcating | trifurcates
to trifurcatesich in drei Zweige teilen
to trifurcate sth.etw. in drei Zweige aufteilen
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  • The CMDA has proposed to trifurcate the CMA into Central, North and South.
  • The surface is usually marked by weak constrictions and is characterized at maturity by coarse transverse ribs that bifurcate or sometimes trifurcate.
  • The shell of "Aulacosphinctoides" is evolute, whorls broadly rounded, ribs sigmoid that mostly bifurcate, but often trifurcate, Lappets present.
  • The Bayanhot Basin is a composite and superimposed basin developed in the crossing zone of the Qinlin-Qilian-Helan trifurcate rift system (秦、祁、贺三叉裂谷系) during the beginning of Early Palaeozoic Era (早古生代早期) of crossover zone.
  • They are oval and are inflated with their distal ends being bifurcate or trifurcate, or, simple.
  • The forewings have two basal ochraceous streaks and the hindwings have two abbreviated ochraceous stripes, one subcostal and bifurcate, the other trifurcate.
  • The forewings are rather dark glossy purplish grey with an oblique white line, suffused in the disc with yellow, from above the tornus to the apical portion of the costa, on which it is trifurcate, and a whitish line between this and the termen.
  • There are trifurcate marks in disc at one-third and two-thirds, the second connected with third the costal spot.
  • The extinct Devonian seed plant "Cosmosperma polyloba" demonstrated the early evolutionary diversification of frond branching patterns, presenting both bifurcate and trifurcate types.
  • There is a subtriangular praetornal spot, a straight subapical fascia, and a triangular apical spot trifurcate on costa all ferruginous - brown more or less sprinkled with black.
  • The ventral lobe may be either bifurcate or trifurcate (two or three pronged) and there is a tendency to increase the number of elements ontogenetically in the suture.
  • Johanson & Ahlberg (1997), in their assessment of new sarcopterygian material, present such conclusions proposing "Eusthenodon" likely possessed the same trifurcate or diamond-shaped caudal fin with an axial lobe turned slightly dorsally known in other tristichopterids (referred to as eusthenopterids by Johanson) along with a triangular-shaped first dorsal fin.
  • The shell is subinvolute and coarsely ribbed; ribs bifurcate or trifurcate mid or low on the flanks and cross over the rounded venter.
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