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usability test
Gebrauchstauglichkeitstest {m}
usability test [less frequent than: usability testing]
Gebrauchtstauglichkeitstest {m}
usability test / testing
Gebrauchstauglichkeitsprüfung {f}
usability test participant
Gebrauchstauglichkeitstestteilnehmer {m}
usability test script
Gebrauchstauglichkeitsskript {n}
usability test script
Gebrauchstauglichkeitstestskript {n}
usability test session
Gebrauchstauglichkeitstestsitzung {f}
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  • The three click rule has been challenged by usability test results, which have shown that the number of clicks needed to access the desired information affects neither user satisfaction, nor success rate.
  • In November 2005 the OpenUsability project in cooperation with the Berlin-based Relevantive AG conducted a usability test of the German Wikipedia.
  • Playtesting is a part of usability test in the process of game development.
  • Jean Clarice Scholtz is an American computer scientist known for her contributions to human–computer interaction, and particularly for developing the "Common Industry Format" (CIF) for usability test results while at the National Institute of Standards and Technology.
  • She founded one of the first independent usability test laboratories in the United States of America in 1985, monitoring users who would test new user interfaces and document templates for the multinationals such as IBM and Hewlett-Packard among others.
  • It is worth noting that Nielsen does not advocate stopping after a single test with five users; his point is that testing with five users, fixing the problems they uncover, and then testing the revised site with five different users is a better use of limited resources than running a single usability test with 10 users.
  • Usability testing is the most common method used by designers to test their designs.
  • 0 shipped in November 1987, Tandy proposed the creation of a new group at Microsoft that would do usability testing, app interface design, publish UI guidelines, and create prototypes of new UIs.
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