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ADJ   usable | more usable | most usable
SYNO available | functional | operable | ...
usable {adj}anwendbar
usable {adj}einsetzbar
usable {adj}nutzbar
usable {adj}brauchbar
usable {adj}verwertbar
usable {adj}benutzbar
usable {adj}gebräuchlich
usable {adj}verwendbar
usable {adj}einsatzfähig
usable {adj}verarbeitbar
usable {adj}ausnutzbar
usable {adj}gebrauchsfähig
usable {adj}exploitabel [veraltet]
2 Wörter: Andere
commercially usable {adj}
gewerblich nutzbar
immediately usable {adj}sofort einsetzbar
more usable {adj}einsatzfähiger
most usable {adj}einsatzfähigste
re-usable {adj}wiederverwendbar
readily usable {adj}fertig verwendbar
universally usable {adj}universell einsetzbar
universally usable {adj}universell verwendbar
usable for sth. {adj} [pred.]zu etw.Dat. geeignet
2 Wörter: Substantive
usable areaNutzfläche {f}
usable power
Nutzleistung {f}
3 Wörter: Substantive
lowest usable frequency <LUF>
Nutzbarkeitstiefstfrequenz {f}
lowest usable frequency <LUF>
niedrigste nutzbare Frequenz {f} [auch: Lowest Usable Frequency (LUF)]
maximum usable frequency <MUF>
Nutzbarkeitshöchstfrequenz {f}
maximum usable frequency <MUF>
höchste nutzbare Frequenz {f} [auch: Maximum Usable Frequency (MUF)]
re-usable packagewiederverwendbare Verpackung {f}
usable floor space
Nutzfläche {f}
usable operating distanceNutzschaltabstand {m}
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  • Cranor has played a key role in building the usable privacy and security research community, having co-edited the book "Security and Usability" (O'Reilly 2005) and founded the Symposium On Usable Privacy and Security (SOUPS).
  • Shaped connection speeds are typically claimed to be 64-256 kbit/s (kilo-bits) per second, depending on the plan, although 64 kbit/s is barely-usable and an industry standard slow-usable minimum would be reasonable.
  • One of the several workshop recommendations was the development of case studies to show software developers how usable security has been integrated into an organization's software development process.
  • There are two boat ramps, Cottage Creek (usable until the reservoir falls below 1,822 feet) and Dark Day (usable until the reservoir falls below 1798 feet). Both ramps are free.
  • In mid-1999, the satellite experienced a loss of power which reduced its usable payload to 6 transponders.
  • The next usable back-up preference on the vote gives the destination for the transfer of the vote.
  • ... working) frequency that is predicted to be usable for a specified path and time for 90% of the days of the month.
  • Since January 2020, there has been a senior citizen ticket for people aged 65 and over at an annual price of €365 (on workdays only usable starting at 9 a.m.) or €625 (always usable).
  • After that the liquid was usable in candle making, whether through dipping or molding.
  • Jakob Nielsen describes usability as the quality attribute that describes how usable the interface is.
  • In aviation, usable fuel is the fuel on board an aircraft that can actually be used by its engines. The opposite of usable fuel is unusable fuel.
  • With no usable storage it cannot provide irrigation water, cannot generate electricity, and its fish population is dying.
  • At the same time Mejiron Nimoca was introduced, the three operators also introduced Nimoca, meaning the latter card is also usable in those lines.
  • The maximum permissible weight of the aircraft less all usable fuel and other specified usable agents (engine injection fluid, and other consumable propulsion agents).
  • As MEC's convert unusable biomass into usable hydrogen, they can produce 144% more usable energy than they consume as electrical energy.
  • The next diagram illustrates where a given TETRA radio cell becomes "usable". A neighbour cell becomes radio usable when the cell has a downlink radio connection of sufficient quality.
  • in a usable (that is, relevant) form". Zeleny characterized this non-usable characteristic of data as "know-nothing" [...].
  • In total, [...] of continuous paved trail is usable in the northernmost portion and [...] of continuous unpaved trail is usable in the southernmost portion.
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