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NOUN   video gaming | -
video gaming
Videospielen {n}
video-gaming behavior [Am.]
Computerspielverhalten {n}
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Übersetzung für 'video gaming' von Englisch nach Deutsch

video gaming
Videospielen {n}games

video-gaming behavior [Am.]
Computerspielverhalten {n}gamespsych.
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  • The hotel was the venue for Evo 2014, a major competitive video gaming tournament.
  • It sparked a renaissance for the arcade video game industry and impacted competitive video gaming and wider popular culture such as films and music.
  • In 2007, IBM created a TV advertisement that was based on the concept of buzzword bingo. Video gaming website GameSpot hosted a video called "Executive Buzzword Bingo", in which they held a running tally of buzzwords uttered during Sony's "PlayStation Meeting 2013" conference event on 20 February 2013.
  • Germany has a large video gaming market, with over 34 million players nationwide.
  • "Player One" further pronounced "Super Mario Land" a "masterpiece", "the pinnacle of portable video gaming".
  • In 2015 it was the first anime convention held in Vernal as well as the first video gaming convention held there, making it the first convention of its type in Vernal.
  • Throughout this period, the fighting game was the dominant genre in competitive video gaming, with enthusiasts popularly attending arcades in order to find human opponents.
  • NEC lacked the vital experience in the video gaming industry and approached numerous video game studios for support.
  • Competitive video gaming, also called Esports (sometimes written e-Sports), has become more popular in South Korea in recent years, particularly among young people.
  • Russia has the largest video gaming market in Europe, with over 65 million players nationwide.
  • Pro Logic II systems also feature a mode designed specifically for video gaming, and was frequently used in game titles for Sony's PlayStation 2, Nintendo's GameCube and Wii as an alternative to digital surround formats such as Dolby Digital, or DTS.
  • "Time" named it the 1996 Machine of the Year, saying the machine had "done to video-gaming what the 707 did to air travel".
  • Sometimes "NTSC-U", "NTSC-US", or "NTSC-U/C" is used to describe the video gaming region of North America (the U/C refers to US + Canada), as regional lockout usually restricts games from being playable outside the region.
  • Often used in video gaming, smurfing describes a situation in which "a highly-skilled player creates a secondary account as a disguise to play against less proficient opponents."
  • Zelda is a widely recognisable character in video gaming and a popular character with gamers and cosplayers.
  • The cafés are often combined with a variety of other businesses, such as chemists, manicurists, repair shops, and convenience stores. Video gaming has become particularly profitable in Internet cafés in Kenya in recent years.
  • In video gaming, a fan translation is an unofficial translation of a video game made by fans.
  • Donlan of "1001 Video Games You Must Play Before You Die" wrote that "EarthBound" is "name-checked by the video gaming cognoscenti more often than it's actually been played".
  • The term "wargame" is rarely used in the video gaming hobby; the term "strategy game" is preferred. [...] "Computer wargame" distinguishes a game from a "tabletop wargame".
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