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VERB   to warn | warned | warned
warning | warns
SYNO to admonish | to discourage | to monish | ...
to warnwarnen
to warnmahnen
to warnermahnen [warnen]
to warnalarmieren
to warnverwarnen
2 Wörter
to warn (sb.) of sb./sth.(jdn.) vor jdm./etw. warnen
to warn against sb.vor jdm. warnen
to warn against sth.vor etw.Dat. warnen
to warn sb. about sb./sth.jdn. vor jdm./etw. warnen
to warn sb. against sb.jdn. vor jdm. warnen
to warn sb. thatjdn. warnen, dass
to warn sb. thatjdn. darauf aufmerksam machen, dass
3 Wörter
to warn (sb.) against doing sth.(jdn.) davor warnen, etw. zu tun
to warn of dangervor Gefahr warnen
to warn off groundsvom Grundstück weisen
to warn sb. to do sth.jdn. (dazu) ermahnen, etw. zu tun
to warn sb. to do sth.jdm. dringend dazu raten, etw. zu tun
duty to warnWarnpflicht {f}
duty to warn
Aufklärungs­- und Warnungs­pflichten {pl}
obligation to warnWarnpflicht {f}
4 Wörter
to warn off the premisesvom Grundstück weisen
to warn sb. against / off doing sth.jdm. stark davon abraten, etw. zu tun
to warn sb. not to do sth.jdn. davor warnen, etw. zu tun
to warn sb. of an eventjdm. ein Ereignis ankündigen
5+ Wörter
to warn sb. to be more carefuljdn. (dazu) mahnen, sorgfältiger zu sein
brake (system) warn light switch
Bremsenwarnleuchtenschalter {m}
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Alarms — designed to warn of burglaries.
  • Here, he attempted to warn them of the dangers awaiting them but was unheeded and eventually ignored.
  • "Tzeva Adom") is an early-warning radar system installed by the Israel Defense Forces in several towns surrounding the Gaza Strip to warn civilians of imminent attack by rockets (usually Qassam rockets).
  • Only a total of 1,300 coins of the 1 warn denomination were struck, making them quite rare.
  • The need to monitor activities and warn of potential threats to the United States is not new.
  • Redcoats warn slow his hint engage.
  • Most notably, a property owner has a duty to warn persons on the property of various hazards, depending on the status of the person on the property.
  • Meanwhile, Phil is visited by associates of Kristo, who warn him to keep Fabian away from London's wrestling scene.
  • On ATOS-enabled lines, each train station has electronic displays, which show scheduled arrival times and train destinations in Japanese and English, warn passengers when trains are arriving or passing through, send updates on system delays and accidents, and display messages to advertise JR products or warn passengers not to smoke.
  • In 2017, Gartner founded Duty To Warn, an organization of mental health professionals and laypersons who consider it their duty to warn patients, clients and the community-at-large, when aware of potential danger.
  • In Scandinavia many hill forts were part of beacon networks to warn against invading pillagers.
  • They are trying to warn him to stay away from the kids.
  • These signs are used to warn drivers of people walking in the street.
  • On some occasions, motorists who flashed their headlights to warn of police activity have unwittingly helped fugitives evade police.
  • Ditchling Beacon probably due to its height, had for centuries been used to warn local inhabitants of pending invasion.
  • He was also the first to warn the residents of the ghetto that their lives were in danger.
  • Unlike DCF77, bit 19 is not used for leap second warnings, but is always zero.
  • Some compilers, like the GNU Compiler Collection, will statically check the format strings of printf-like functions and warn about problems (when using the flags [...] or [...]).
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