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ADJ   wary | warier | wariest
SYNO leery | mistrustful | suspicious | ...
wary {adj}achtsam
wary {adj}skeptisch
wary {adj}vorsichtig
wary {adj}argwöhnisch
wary {adj} [suspicious] [of]misstrauisch [gegenüber]
wary {adj}wachsam
wary {adj} [careful, gentle]behutsam
wary {adj}umsichtig
wary {adj}auf der Hut
2 Wörter
to be waryumsichtig sein
to be wary auf der Hut sein [geh.] [Redewendung] [vorsichtig sein]
wary statesmanvorsichtiger Staatsmann {m}
wary stepsbehutsame Schritte {pl}
3 Wörter
to be too waryübervorsichtig sein
to be wary of sb./sth. sichAkk. vor jdm./etw. in Acht nehmen [Redewendung]
to be wary of sth.sich vor etw.Dat. vorsehen
4 Wörter
to be wary (of strangers)fremdeln
to be wary about doing sth.seine Zweifel haben, ob man etw. tun soll
to be wary about doing sth.(sichDat.) unsicher sein, ob man etw. tun soll
to be wary of strangersvorsichtig im Umgang mit Fremden sein
5+ Wörter
wary in the choice of words {adj}behutsam in der Wahl der Worte
wary like a watch-dog {adj}wachsam wie ein Wachhund
to be wary about / of doing sth.sich davor hüten, etw. zu tun
to keep a wary eye on sb.jdn. genau beobachten
to keep a wary eye on sth.ein wachsames Auge auf etw. haben
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • They are wary and noisy birds which will alert everything else with their loud piping call.
  • Users were advised to reset passwords and be wary of phishing emails being received.
  • Be reserved in speech and wary of transgressions.
  • Generally wary of people in the forest or countryside, western jackdaws are much tamer in urban areas.
  • Shikoku are typically brave but wary, and very alert to their environment. They should be sensitive without being nervous.
  • The call of this widespread but wary bird is a loud, ringing "wic-wic-wic". Both sexes drum.
  • Until the mid-1980s, most conservative groups of Mexican society were wary of Rock because of its load of rebellion and protest, so only artists who wrote mostly about love and used "acceptable" music forms usually tended to prosper.
  • These are often active during the daytime (diurnal behavior) and are less wary of people.
  • With at-will employment, employers must be wary of legal issues that could potentially arise from wrongful termination.
  • Moss Hart was wary of tough audiences at the National Theatre. Nevertheless, Murdock conceded, the audience appreciated the performance.
  • Egyptian Americans, particularly in the Arab-dominated areas of Michigan, had mixed views of the event with some wary of the Muslim Brotherhood, but also wary of usurping democratic rights following a 30-year dictatorship.
  • , A famous World War II poster reminding Swedes to be wary of spies asking questions.
  • Romney's wary instincts were still in force at times, and he was generally data-driven and averse to risk.
  • Males may mud-puddle but are extremely wary if approached.
  • According to local historian Jennette Rivers, the townspeople were wary of the relatively new technology for several reasons.
  • In 1863, wary of French influence in Porto-Novo, colonial Lagos signed a treaty of cession with Badagry chiefs.
  • "Terrifying Action and Suspense! I felt wary and fearful for 2 days after watching Hotel Hollywood... Mac Ferguson (Critic).
  • The Eurasian curlew is generally wary. It is highly gregarious outside the breeding season.
  • However, the landlord quickly accepts his new tenant and henceforth regards him with a wary respect; wary because of Philip's intelligence and smooth manners, and especially because Miss Jones finds herself attracted to the handsome sophisticate.
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