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whereas {conj}wohingegen
whereas {conj}während [wohingegen]
whereas {adv} {conj}hingegen
whereas {conj} [considering that]da [in Anbetracht der Tatsache, dass]
whereas {conj}obwohl
whereas {adv}wobei [wohingegen]
whereas {conj}wogegen
whereas {conj}obgleich
whereas {conj}auch wenn
whereas {conj}in Anbetracht dessen, dass
whereas {conj}
angesichts dessen, dass
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  • In another popular collegiate sport, taekwondo, La Salle has 9 collegiate titles whereas Ateneo has no titles to date.
  • The miller has pink spores whereas those of the fools funnel are white, the gills of the miller are more easily pulled away, and the miller smells of raw pastry.
  • The British took the length measurement from the outside of the stem to the outside of the sternpost, whereas the Americans measured from inside the posts.
  • Note that during fatty synthesis the reducing agent is NADPH, whereas NAD is the oxidizing agent in beta-oxidation (the breakdown of fatty acids to acetyl-CoA).
  • Joseph Johnston was a clergyman who had a church named after him whereas John Bateman and his son Walter Bateman created a hardware business.
  • Larry talks a lot, whereas Barry is more the silent one. Larry is a better lockpick whereas Barry is better at scaling walls.
  • Whereas HO-1 has innumerable inducers, only adrenal glucocorticoids are known to induce HO-2 whereas certain other molecules may increase its catalytic velocity.
  • La Ranchera, La Raza, Que Buena And El Norte feature Regional Mexican music, whereas features Luna features Spanish adult contemporary music, Whereas features Joe features Classic Hits contemporary music.
  • Men represent nearly 54% of the population whereas women make up the remaining 46%.
  • ] whereas others classify it in Anisolambdinae, a subfamily of Proterotheriidae.
  • "Euchaeta" are mostly epipelagic whereas "Paraeuchaeta" are mostly bathypelagic.
  • canis" includes two biotypes: biovar 1 originated from canines, whereas biovar 2 originated from bovines.
  • The difference between a "chiasm" and a "decussation" is that the first refers to peripheral nerves whereas the latter refers to crossings inside central nervous system.
  • The pre-miR-202 in the mouse genome is located fully within an exon, whereas in human it lies across a splice junction.
  • Post-copy sends each page exactly once over the network whereas pre-copy can transfer the same page multiple times if the page is dirtied repeatedly at the source during migration.
  • Timothy flowers later, from June until August, whereas meadow foxtail flowers from April until June.
  • The most frequent sites of involvement are the hands and feet, whereas the spine is less commonly affected.
  • Meta-analysis shows that in acute injuries of the ACL associated with a meniscus tear, 44% were of the medial meniscus, whereas 56% were of the lateral meniscus; in chronic ACL insufficiency, 70% were medial whereas 30% were lateral.
  • , whereas V "must" be [...] as long as it is not the syllable's sole vowel.
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