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white beads {pl} [treated as sg.] [Actaea pachypoda, syn.: A. alba]
Weißfrüchtiges Christophskraut {n}
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  • The wampum belt consists of black or purple-like and white beads that are made up of shells.
  • The dancers, called "wosana", dress in black clothes, don black and white beads, and they dance to Mwali (God) pleading for rain.
  • lowii" by Peter D'Amato and Cliff Dodd showed that these white beads were of the plant's own production.
  • The material is typically available as white beads.
  • She came with a wired hair accessory that resembled two strands of pink and white beads, and she wore a floor-length gown of pink gingham.
  • Roanoke means "white beads made from shells" (or more literally "things rubbed smooth by hand").
  • Although five children were murdered in the Moors murders case, only three are named in the song: John Kilbride ("oh John you'll never be a man"), Lesley Ann Downey ("Lesley Ann with your pretty white beads"), and Edward Evans ("Edward, see those alluring lights").
  • In the Ausangate region chullos are often ornately adorned with white beads and large tassels called t'ikas.
  • Both men's and women's traditional clothing are elaborated with embroidery in white beads.
  • The worshippers were distinguished by white beads worn round their necks and wearing of white dresses only.
  • With a fashionable sweetheart neckline and a full skirt, the dress was embroidered with some 10,000 seed-pearls and thousands of white beads.
  • One day, he discovered white beads which has mystical healing power and they called it "Birawan".
  • Both shells produce white beads, but only parts of the quahog produce purple.
  • The Ṣàngó god necklaces are composed in varying patterns of red and white beads; usually in groupings of four or six which are his sacred numbers.
  • ] white beads, and counting the number of ways of rotating a [...] -configuration so that each of its black beads coincides with one of the black beads of the given necklace.
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