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white-beaked dolphin [Lagenorhynchus albirostris]
Weißschnauzendelfin {m}
white-beaked dolphin [Lagenorhynchus albirostris]
Weißschnauzendelphin {m}
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  • The species most often reported are dolphins (especially white-beaked dolphins), northern minke whale and orcas.
  • Marine life includes Atlantic bluefin tuna, white-sided and white-beaked dolphins, and pinnipeds.
  • "Curetis felderi", the white-beaked sunbeam, is a species of butterfly belonging to the lycaenid family. It is found in Southeast Asia (Sumatra, Peninsular Malaya, Borneo).
  • Several species of cetaceans are commonly found including common porpoise, white-beaked dolphin, killer whale and minke whale.
  • A 60-metre-deep channel, called the Botney Cut, runs through the Cleaver Bank. Animals like harbour porpoises, minke whales, and white-beaked dolphin live there, mainly in the summer.
  • In Svalbard, polar bears were observed to kill white-beaked dolphins during spring, when the dolphins were trapped in the sea ice.
  • It is traditionally placed in the genus "Lagenorhynchus", but there is consistent molecular evidence that supports the Atlantic white-sided dolphin and the white-beaked dolphin as basal members of the family Delphinidae and not closely related.
  • In addition, the white-beaked dolphin is covered by the Agreement on the Conservation of Small Cetaceans of the Baltic, North East Atlantic, Irish and North Seas (ASCOBANS).
  • At Lystrup Enge, Yderhede and other places the bones of cetaceans and pinnipeds have been found; specifically, of killer whales, the white-beaked dolphin, and the bottlenose dolphin among the cetaceans.
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