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NOUN   a zither | zithers
SYNO cither | zither | zithern
Zither {f}
2 Wörter
arched zither
Wölbbrettzither {f}
bowed zither
Streichzither {f}
chord zither
Akkordzither {f}
chorded zither
Akkordzither {f}
concert zither
Konzertzither {f}
moon zither [yueqin, yue qin]
Mondlaute {f} [Yueqin]
zither banjo
Zitherbanjo {n}
zither music
Zithermusik {f}
zither player
Zitherspieler {m}
zither player [female]
Zitherspielerin {f}
zither playing
Zitherspiel {n}
[englische Viola da Gamba mit Doppelsaiten]
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  • The gue is an extinct type of two-stringed bowed lyre or zither from the Shetland Isles.
  • Tube zither of Myanmar, carved of wood in the shape of a crocodile with extended head and tail.
  • This new popularity for the zither lasted until well into the 1960s with many successful albums during the period from performers such as Karas, Ruth Welcome, and Shirley Abicair.
  • Under his influence the zither started to be used in court circles and eventually became identified as the national musical instrument of Bavaria.
  • The guitar zither (also chord zither, fretless zither, mandolin zither or harp zither has doubled strings in unison courses producing a more mandolin-like sound.
  • The Violinzither or Violinharp is a string instrument of the zither family, invented in 1925 by "Clemens Neuber" in Klingenthal.
  • The instrument is very closely related to the one-stringed alapini vina, an instrument which started out a stick zither but became a tube zither like the eka-tantri vina.
  • Because of the trough, this can be considered a trough zither. It could also be considered a bar zither. It is too inflexible to be considered a musical bow.
  • During her career, Welcome recorded more zither albums than any other zither player.
  • The geomungo (also spelled "komungo" or "kŏmun'go") or "hyeongeum" (literally "black zither", also spelled "hyongum" or "hyŏn'gŭm") is a traditional Korean plucked zither with both bridges and frets.
  • The name consists of the base word "kantele" (a Finnish zither-like instrument) and the feminising morpheme "-tar" and can be roughly interpreted as "maiden of the kantele" or "zither-daughter", a kind of muse.
  • "gourd zither"; Chữ Nôm: [...]), also called độc huyền cầm (獨絃琴, "one-string zither"; the name is only used by the Jing ethnicity in China) is a Vietnamese stringed instrument, in the form of a monochord (one-string) zither.
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