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øre [Danish and Norwegian currency unit]
Öre {n} {f}
öre [Swedish currency subunit]
Öre {n} {f}
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  • An ore shoot is a mass of ore deposited in a vein. The ore shoot consists of the most valuable part of the ore deposit. An ore shoot is the area of concentration containing primary ore along the veins present in the rocks.
  • Although carnotite was recognized as a minor constituent of the ore since its discovery, the amount was small, and no assays were made of the uranium content of the ore until World War II. Beginning about 1950, the small uranium content of the ore was also recovered from the ore.
  • Barbil is an industrialized town with a number of steel plants, iron ore pellet plants, ore crushers, and mines. The area is very rich in iron and manganese ore. The latest demand is for iron ore fines. The iron ore is consumed domestically and is also exported to other countries such as China. Barbil also has steel manufacturing, iron ore pellet manufacturing, and liquid oxygen production.
  • Ore deposits or ore injection: Engineering and Mining Journal, v. 121, p. 475.
  • In some cases the underground primary crusher feeds an inclined conveyor belt which delivers ore via an incline shaft direct to the surface. The ore is fed down ore passes, with mining equipment accessing the ore body via a decline from surface.
  • The ore is mined in stopes by drilling and blasting with explosives and loaded by LHD's to storage and extraction bins which are disposed in a regular manner and fill 4 ton ore cars. The ore cars circulate between Levels 2 and 3, emptying the ore into the crushing chamber in Level 2. The ore cars are drawn by battery or diesel locomotives.
  • Iron Ore:Sesa Sterlite is largest private sector exporter of iron ore in India and is developing large iron ore deposits in Liberia.
  • Rio Tinto Iron Ore (RTIO) comprises an integrated iron ore operations in the Pilbara, Western Australia. The Pilbara iron ore operations include 16 iron ore mines, four independent port terminals, a 1,700-kilometre rail network and related infrastructure.
  • The Columbiana Ore Company operated iron ore mines at Nelson in 1918.
  • Labrador Iron Mines was formed when iron ore prices were at a record high, making recovery of ore from known ore bodies economically viable.
  • Miners sell their ore to the Lebanese company Misa Mining, who has a monopoly on the ore. According to miners at Tilwezembe, miners are not allowed to take ore off-site, under threat of physical violence and imprisonment. Misa Mining resells the ore to the Lebanese Bazano Group.
  • In addition to the currently active Elijärvi and Viia ore bodies, underground mining is beginning in the Surmaoja ore body alongside the other two ore bodies from level 500 upwards. Because of the mining method used, the ore extraction process in each ore body always proceeds upwards towards the bottom of the open-pit mine, while filling fully extracted areas with waste rock.
  • Ore (ileogbo Ilu ore, omo arepo panda) said to be the protector of ileogbo citizen both home and abroad. Ore festival come once a year and it attracts people far and wide.
  • Azerbaijan is rich of fuel ore and non-ore minerals. Ore and non-ore minerals are spread mostly in mountainous territories (Small and Great Caucasus), fossil fuels in plain territories and the South Caspian basin. In its turn, it caused the development of the ore industry in the west and the oil-gas industry in the east.
  • Economic decline began in the 1950s, when high-grade iron ore ran out on the Iron Range north of Duluth; ore shipments from the Duluth harbor had been critical to the city's economy. Low-grade ore (taconite) shipments continued, boosted by new taconite pellet technology, but ore shipments were lower overall.
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