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herniated disk <HD> [Am.]
Bandscheibenvorfall {m} <BSV, BV>
proposal for decision <PFD>Beschlussvorschlag {m} <BV>
regional office
Bezirksverwaltung {f} [DDR-Begriff] <BV>
image understanding <IU>
Bildverständnis {n} <BV>
image intensifier <I.I., II>
Bildverstärker {m} <BV>
image intensifier input field <I.I. input field>
Bildverstärkereingangsfeld {n} <BV-Eingangsfeld>
image intensifier television system <I.I. TV system>
Bildverstärkerfernsehsystem {n} <BV-FS-System>
image intensifier format <I.I. format, II format>
Bildverstärkerformat {n} <BV-Format>
blood volume <BV>
Blutvolumen {n} <BV>
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bacterial vaginosis <BV>
bakterielle Vaginose {f} <BV>
image intensifier television chain <I.I.-TV chain>
Bildverstärker-Fernsehkette {f} <BV-FS-Kette>
image intensifier television system <I.I. TV system>
Bildverstärker-Fernsehsystem {n} <BV-FS-System>
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image intensifier television system <I.I. TV system>
Bildverstärker-Fernseh-System {n} <BV-FS-System>
digital image intensifier fluoroscopy <digital I.I. fluoroscopy>
digitale Bildverstärker-Durchleuchtung {f} <digitale BV-Durchleuchtung>
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  • In 2007 the name of Teijin Twaron BV was changed to Teijin Aramid BV.
  • The BV 155 V2 was damaged beyond repair during a bad landing. It was to be replaced in the test program by the BV 155 V3. The BV 155 V3 differed from the V2 in having the DB 603U intended for the BV 155C. However, the engine cowling and turbosupercharger were unchanged.
  • In November 2010 Flux Media Factory BV sold Arrow Jazz FM to Exceed Jazz BV. Flux Media Factory BV remains responsible for the production and the international distribution of Arrow Jazz FM.
  • Until 2 August 2004, Vendex KBB was listed in the Midkap index of Euronext Amsterdam. The company was converted from an NV into a BV, after a few months Koninklijke Vendex KBB BV was closed down, and the BV that had set up the investment company to buy Koninklijke Vendex KBB BV was renamed Vendex KBB BV. KBB stood for Koninklijke Bijenkorf Beheer, but because of the loss of the Royal designation, the K had become a letter without meaning.
  • In the Norwegian army units that had both Bv 202 and Bv 206 ran the Bv 202 as the first vehicle if the snow conditions were challenging. The Bv 202 performed better in deep and/or difficult snow conditions.
  • This is not restricted to values of less than 100. The percentage BV of egg protein is only 93.7% which allows other proteins with true percentage BV between 93.7% and 100% to take a relative BV of over 100. For example, whey protein takes a relative BV of 104, while its percentage BV is under 100%.
  • In 2012, Films Division produced a 93-minute film on BV Karanth called BV Karanth:Baba. The film bases itself on BV Karanth's autobiography in Kannada called "Illiralaare, Allige Hogalaare" (I can't stay here, I won't go there) compiled by well known Kannada writer Vaidehi.
  • Mobility is provided by the use of Iveco VTLM Lince 4WD tactical vehicles, Puma 6x6 Armored Personal Carriers and Bv 206 / Bv 206S all terrain tracked vehicles.
  • Its most significant designs were flying boats, mainly used by the Luftwaffe for maritime patrol and reconnaissance. Most numerous was the BV 138 "Seedrache" (initiated as the Ha 138), a twin-boom trimotor, while the BV 222 "Wiking" was much larger. Largest of all was the BV 238 prototype, the largest aircraft built by any of the Axis forces. Other notable types include the asymmetric BV 141, which was built in moderate numbers but did not enter production.
  • There is evidence of an association between BV and increased rates of sexually transmitted infections such as HIV/AIDS. BV is associated with up to a six-fold increase in HIV shedding. BV is a risk factor for viral shedding and herpes simplex virus type 2 infection. BV may increase the risk of infection with or reactivation of human papillomavirus (HPV).
  • In 2014, he proposed to use the two unused Norwegian TLDs (.sj and .bv) to create privacy-enhanced zones.
  • "GS Media BV v Sanoma Media Netherlands BV and Others" (C-160/15) is a case decided by the European Court of Justice.
  • Rasiah Leon's ownership in Lebara Group BV and LBR Investments BV is organised through the Norwegian investment company, Leon Holding AS.
  • sj (Svalbard and Jan Mayen) and .bv (Bouvet Island).
  • The company is a subsidiary of Motek BV and was founded in The Netherlands by Oshri Even-Zohar as Lamalo BV in 1993. It became Motek BV with the inclusion of private investors in 1996. The company's core business lines: Medical, Simulation and Entertainment grew more independent and in 2004 the separate companies Motek Entertainment BV and Motek Medical BV were formed.
  • Bouvet Island has been designated with the ISO 3166-2 code BV and was subsequently awarded the country code top-level domain .bv on 21 August 1997. The domain is managed by Norid but is not in use.
  • The Δ operator is by definition of n'th order if and only if the ("n" + 1)-bracket [...] vanishes. In that case, one speaks of a BV n-algebra. Thus a BV 2-algebra is by definition just a BV algebra. The Jacobiator [...] vanishes within a BV algebra, which means that the antibracket here satisfies the Jacobi identity. A BV 1-algebra that satisfies normalization Δ(1) = 0 is the same as a differential graded algebra (DGA) with differential Δ. A BV 1-algebra has vanishing antibracket.
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