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Uruguay <.uy>
Uruguay {n}
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Übersetzung für '.uy' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Uruguay <.uy>
Uruguay {n}geogr.
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  • com.uy/opinion-publica/los-uruguayos-y-la-religion/ Church and state are officially separated since 1916.
  • Clara is married to the Spanish resident in Uruguay Alva Sueiras. Both run "Delicatessen.uy", a blog dedicated to gastronomy, culture and travel.
  • edu.uy/B1/content/libro-del-centenario-del-uruguay-1825-1925-tomo-vii-p%C3%A1ginas-675-856.
  • ... com.uy), he was also appointed as the Programing Director of the company's local TV station.
  • The 2010 general elections saw again the Uy-Rellon tandem against First District congressman Arrel Olaño and the tandem of Gementiza-Aventurado. Uy and Rellon won by a landslide and were proclaimed days after the said election.
  • As her term as mayor was to end, she made her run as governor of Zamboanga del Norte where she faced Evelyn Uy again and four other candidates in the 2022 elections. From there, she went on to win the gubernatorial race, and take over the reins from the Uy family since the Jalosjos family's political defeat by the Uy family in 2013.
  • Incumbent governor Roberto Uy is term-limited, and is prohibited from running for a fourth consecutive term. Uy opted to run for city mayor of Dapitan, and his party nominated Evelyn Uy for the position. Evelyn Uy's opponent is Rosalina "Nene" Jalosjos, incumbent and last-termer city mayor of Dapitan, whom she dueled in the 2019 mayoralty.
  • Tan is the daughter of Ex-Mayor, later City Vice Mayor, Coefredo “Tekwa” Uy and sister of incumbent Catbalogan mayor Dexter Uy.
  • In 2019, another candidate for governor was running under the name "Roberto Escobido Uy", which is similar to Uy's name and uses the same nickname. The Commission on Elections declared the candidacy of "Roberto Escobido Uy" as nuisance, making the incumbent governor the legitimate candidate to participate. This decision would then be rendered as valid by the Supreme Court of the Philippines months after the election. Uy won the 2019 election against 1st legislative district Representative Bullet Jalosjos and "Escobido Uy," securing a third and final term in office.
  • Incumbents Constantino Reyes and Nelson Uy seek for reelection. Reyes was reelected but not Uy.
  • Based on current models of stellar evolution, UY Scuti has begun to fuse helium, and continues to fuse hydrogen in a shell around the core. The location of UY Scuti deep within the Milky Way disc suggests that it is a metal-rich star.
  • Incumbent Rolando Uy (switched to Lakas Kampi CMD from Nacionalista) will run for mayor of Cagayan de Oro. Rainier Uy is running in his stead, but as Lakas-Kampi-CMD's candidate.
  • Uy-Salgan ([...]; [...] , "Üy-Salgan") is a rural locality (a selo) in Oratyubinsky Selsoviet, Nogaysky District, Republic of Dagestan, Russia. The population was 332 as of 2010. There are 7 streets. Selo was founded in 1914.
  • Jer-Üy ([...] , romanized "Djer Üy") is a village in the Issyk-Kul Region of Kyrgyzstan. It is part of the Tong District. Its population was 794 in 2021.
  • .uy is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Uruguay. Domain names can be registered at second-level or at third-level. [...] , second level .uy registrations are possible.
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