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amyloid beta <, Abeta>
Amyloid-beta {n} <Aβ> [Amyloid-beta 40 (Aβ40), Amyloid-beta 42 (Aβ42)]
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  • Buildup of beta amyloid () peptides is shown to cause and/or trigger Alzheimer's disease.
  • Researchers at the University of Toronto have found that "scyllo"-inositol can block the development of amyloid-beta () plaques in the brains of transgenic mice.
  • This activity was observed over sixty years ago, These findings suggest that IDE activity is capable of joining of several fragments together.
  • Bapineuzumab, a humanized anti- mAb, is directed against the N-terminus of Aβ.
  • proteins form antiparallel β sheets which are strongly amphiphilic, and which aggregate to form toxic oxidative Aβ fibrils.
  • The normal function of is not certain, but plaques arise when the protein misfolds and begins to accumulate in the brain by a process of molecular templating ('seeding').
  • the *56 oligomer was one of many being explored at the time ...
  • Her lab demonstrated that cathepsin B (CatB) can degrade , the hallmark protein aggregate in AD.
  • There is evidence that has antioxidant properties (Hayashi et al. ...
  • Nonspecific channel blockers including tromethamine (Tris) and Zn2+ have successfully inhibited Aβ cytotoxicity.
  • Amyloid plaques formed by amyloid-β () deposition and neurofibrillary tangles formed by tau protein phosphorylation are dominant physiological features of Alzheimer's disease.
  • Type fibres, and type Aγ, are the "type II" afferent fibers from stretch receptors.
  • Additionally, researchers have recently discovered a new mechanism (which involves LTD) linking soluble amyloid beta protein () with the synaptic injury and memory loss related to AD.
  • Alzheimer's is associated with toxic aggregations of the amyloid beta () peptide, caused by Aβ misfolding and clumping together with other Aβ peptides.
  • The machine contains p+2 deterministic finite automaton and a master controller, where p is the size of *.
  • Examples of failed translational research in the pharmaceutical industry include the failure of anti- therapeutics in Alzheimer's disease.
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