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anti-aircraft machine gun <AA MG>
Flugabwehrmaschinengewehr {n} <FlaMG>
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Übersetzung für 'AA MG' von Englisch nach Deutsch

anti-aircraft machine gun <AA MG>
Flugabwehrmaschinengewehr {n} <FlaMG>weapons
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  • "Ark Royal" lost a total of six Fulmars defending convoy MG 1 and the Malta bound ships from Gibraltar and at least 12 Axis aircraft, in total, were destroyed by FAA fighters and the AA guns of the Royal Navy.
  • Other AA armament carried on different models included two or more pintle-mounted MG-34s, 3.7 cm Flak 42 (S-100) and 8.6 cm RaG M42 ("S-100") or, rarely, one quadruple 20 mm "Flakvierling" mounts.
  • For two nights before the attack the divisional machine gun (MG) battalion laid down a heavy harassing fire programme of MGs and mortars on the opposing positions, augmented by tank and anti-tank guns, and the AA guns of 110th LAA Rgt – a forerunner of the later 'Pepperpot' ("see below").
  • Apart from 1 MG Bty, the standard equipment of the batteries was the QF 3-inch 20 cwt AA gun that had been used in World War I, mounted on a cruciform travelling platform and towed by a lorry.
  • This suggests that rather being pro-inflammatory, supplementation of AA while undergoing resistance training may actually improve the regulation of systemic inflammation.
  • In a healthy individual, the median plasma concentration of SAA is 3 mg per liter.
  • The Oerlikon 20 mm AA gun remained the primary anti-aircraft weapon of the United States Navy until the introduction of the 40 mm Bofors AA gun in 1943.
  • Add 10 g of the AA under test. After one hour, switch off the machine and take out the solution.
  • Possibly under the artillery arm was the "Artilërisë Kunder Ajrorë" (AA Artillery) established in 1931 (in 1939, commanded by Major Rauf Fratari).
  • The "Graf Zeppelin" class's secondary AA defenses consisted of 11 twin [...] SK C/30 guns mounted on sponsons located along the flight deck edges: four on the starboard side, six to port and one mounted on the ship's forecastle.
  • The French used the AAC-1937, and during the Battle of France they were used with low casualties, though 20 were captured by troops from Nazi Germany as "Beutepanzer".
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