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NOUN   the Aalenian | -
Aalenium {n} [Stufe des Jura]
Aalen {n} [kurz für: Aalenium]
Aalenian [geologic age]
Aalenien {n} [seltener für: Aalenium]
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  • "Graphoceras" is an extinct ammonite genus included in the hildoceratacean family Graphoceratidae that lived during the Aalenian and Bajocian stages, Middle Jurassic in what is now Europe, north Africa, and Iran.
  • It exposes rocks of the Inferior Oolite, of Aalenian and Bajocian age.
  • The Bajocian Age succeeds the Aalenian Age and precedes the Bathonian Age.
  • The Aalenian takes its name from the town of Aalen, some 70 km east of Stuttgart in Germany.
  • It follows the Pliensbachian and is followed by the Aalenian.
  • It lived during the Toarcian-Aalenian boundary around 175 million years ago early to middle Jurassic period.
  • Indeterminate juveniles are also known from the Aptian Crato Formation of Brazil, the Aalenian Bakhar Formation of Mongolia, and the Santonian Taimyr amber of Russia.
  • In 1957, Aalenian deposits over the Upper Jurassic deposits were reported at the mountain.
  • The sequence runs from the Northampton Sand Formation of the Aalenian about 172 million years ago to the Taynton Limestone Formation of the Middle Bathonian around 167 million years ago.
  • • Poulton, T.P., 1991. “Hettangian through Aalenian (Jurassic) guide fossils and biostratigraphy, northern Yukon and adjacent Northwest Territories”. Geological Survey of Canada, bulletin 410.
  • The specimen was collected in terrestrial sediments deposited during the Aalenian and Bajocian stages of the Jurassic period, approximately 174 to 168 million years ago.
  • It lived in Great Britain from the Aalenian to the Bathonian, in Queensland in the Callovian and in British Columbia in the Cenomanian.
  • "Glaphyrorhynchus" is an extinct genus of teleosaurid thalattosuchian from the Middle Jurassic (Aalenian) of southern Germany.
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