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NOUN   an ablution | ablutions
ablutionWaschung {f}
ablutionAbspülung {f}
Ablution {f}
ablutionAbwaschung {f}
rituelle Waschung {f}
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Übersetzung für 'Ablution' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Waschung {f}

Abspülung {f}

Ablution {f}relig.

Abwaschung {f}

rituelle Waschung {f}relig.
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Other facilities include a reception hall, prayer hall, side arcades, administrative offices, library, reposing room and ablution rooms.
  • Islamic hygienical jurisprudence includes a number of regulations involving cleanliness during "salat" (obligatory prayer) through "wudu" (partial ablution) and "ghusl" (full ablution), as well as dietary laws and toilet etiquette for Muslims.
  • Some of the examples of something considered "makruh" are the use of a great amount of water when performing ritual purifications known as the "wudu" (partial ablution, or "abdest") and "ghusl" (full ablution) or the consumption of garlic before attending the mosque or socializing with others.
  • The ablution is comparable to wudu in Islam.
  • "Masbuta" is distinct from "ṭamaša" (or "ṭmaša") and "rišama", which are personal ablution rituals that do not require the presence of a priest.
  • Taniwha Hill was a self-contained location with heavily sandbagged tents providing the most austere accommodation, and a large mess tent/kitchen/recreation area as the central point of the camp. Ablution facility's were basic with buckets for showers and dissected 44 gallon drums for toilets, which required the daily disposal by stirring and burning.
  • Camping underneath Camelthorn trees with ablution blocks is available for hikers who plan to overnight at Hobas.
  • The ablution of the year is celebrating yearly once in the temple. The devotion will be continuous morning to afternoon.
  • An L-shaped ablution tank is also located south of the mosque, a couple of feet away.
  • " (one who prefers ablution). Vanamamlai temple is one of the few Vishnu temples where ablution is done for the presiding deity on a daily basis.
  • Holy water from the river Kollidam is brought by elephant to the temple and "Jyeshtabhishekam" (divine ablution) is performed.
  • Upon reaching thirteen, the Pumi boys will go through the ablution rites of manhood and only after ablution may they put on adult clothing and take part in society's activities.
  • In Islam ritual ablution is also required before or after sexual intercourse.
  • Like other sabils, it was to supply fresh water to the public for drinking and ablution.
  • "Ghusl" is often translated as "full ablution", as opposed to the "partial ablution" of "wudu" [...] that Muslims perform after lesser impurities such as urination, defecation, flatulence, deep sleep, and light bleeding (depending on the madhhab).
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