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Almanach de GothaAdelskalender {m}
Almanach de GothaGothaischer Hofkalender {m}
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  • In his almanach of 1842, L.J. Chrétien cites the case of Monsieur de Cénival, who more than doubled his crop production owing to liming.
  • The reason why the proposed Arabic word is speculatively spelled "al-manākh" is that the spelling occurred as "almanach", as well as almanac (and Roger Bacon used both spellings).
  • In 1891 an almanach "Die Dioskuren" was issued in Vienna by Ludwig von Frankl with a collection of letters written by Milica Stojadinović.
  • It was in part a calendar, as well as an almanach, printing original contributions as well as translations.
  • The ballads were first published in "Musen-Almanach für das Jahr 1798", the so-called "Balladenalmanach" issued by Schiller.
  • He was a financier of the almanach by Der Blaue Reiter in Munich and in 1913 of the Erster Deutscher Herbstsalon in Berlin, which was organized by Herwarth Walden, August Macke and Franz Marc.
  • In the German Film almanach "Fischer film almanach", the reviewer found that the film was a "primitive war film" with dubious politics.
  • The poem was first published in 1837 in the anthology "Deutscher Musenalmanach" (German Musen-Almanach).
  • In the field of heraldry he published "Wappen-almanach der souveränen Regenten Europa's" (1842).
  • In 1831, a fragment from the novel was anonymously translated into Russian directly from Chinese and published in the "Northern Flowers" almanach edited by Alexander Pushkin.
  • For example, she made prints for the "Haagsche princelyke and koninglyke almanach" of 1788.
  • is a novella by Nobel Prize-winning Russian author Ivan Bunin, written in the late 1903 and first published in the first book of the "Znanie" (Knowledge) Saint Petersburg literary almanach in 1904, where it was coupled with another short novella, "The Golden Bottom" (Золотое дно), under the common title "Black Earth" (Чернозём).
  • From 1953 to 1974 Neumann was, together with Alfred Dürr, editor of the "Bach-Jahrbuch" (Bach almanach), writing several contributions himself.
  • From 1953 to 1974 Dürr was editor of the "Bach-Jahrbuch" (Bach almanach), together with Werner Neumann, the founder and director of the Bach-Archiv Leipzig.
  • According to the "L'almanach de Versailles" of 1790, she was made dame d'honneur to the comtesse de Provence en 1774.
  • The "Musen-Almanach" was gradually superseded by the "Taschenbuch" ("pocket book") and by the literary magazine as we know it today — some still bearing the word "Musenalmanach" in their titles.
  • "Göttinger Musenalmanach" was the title of two different literary magazines published in Göttingen, Germany, one running from 1770 to 1807, the other 1896 to 1953.
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