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bound {adj} <bd>
gebunden <geb.>
Bangladesh <.bd>
Bangladesch {n}
baud <Bd> [transmission rate: symbols per second]
Baud {n} <Bd> [Übertragungs­rate: Symbole pro Sekunde]
bronchodilatation [spv.] <BD> [bronchodilation]
Bronchialerweiterung {f} [Bronchodilatation]
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Bermuda dollar <BMD, BD$>
Bermuda-Dollar {m} <BMD, BD$>
Bermudian dollar <BMD, BD$>
Bermuda-Dollar {m} <BMD, BD$>
Borna disease <BD>
Borna-Krankheit {f}
Borna disease <BD>
Borna'sche Krankheit {f}
Borna disease <BD>
ansteckende Gehirn- und Rückenmarksentzündung {f} der Einhufer [Borna-Krankheit]
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Bachelor of Divinity <BD, BDiv>
Bakkalaureus {m} der Theologie
Blu-ray Disc <BD>
Blu-ray Disc {f} <BD>
Taxa/Spezies (Tiere, Pflanzen, Pilze)
(amphibian) chytrid fungus <Bd> [Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis]
Chytridpilz {m}
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  • It is orbited by a subsystem composed of BD+37° 3399 and BD+37° 3399B. 10th magnitude BD+37° 3399 is a giant star with a spectral type of K2III. It is therefore almost the same temperature as Theta Lyrae, but smaller and dimmer. BD+37° 3399B is an 11th magnitude star of an unknown spectral type.
  • On November 8, 2007, SlySoft announced that BD+ discs can be copied with their AnyDVD HD software. This was possible because first generation BD+ titles did not check if AACS was present. This allowed a user to copy a BD to the harddrive and play it back from there using only a specific version of Cyberlink's PowerDVD (3319a), but not to transcode, otherwise manipulate the content or play it back from a burned BD-R or BD-RE. Updated versions of BD+ security code plugged this hole.
  • The nine anime Blu-ray Disc (BD) compilation volumes for the anime's first season ranked in the top ten on Japan's Oricon weekly BD sales chart. For "Little Busters! Refrain", the seven BD volumes ranked in the top ten on Japan's Oricon weekly BD sales chart.
  • 2× speeds are mandatory for all formats, with 4× and 6× being optional for non-XL BD-R media. Since BD-RE 5.0/BD-R 4.0, a read speed of 4× is mandatory for UHD support.
  • During its initial release, there were reported issues with certain BD-ROM movie discs, namely BD-J functionality. The discs played incorrectly or would not play at all. Sony resolved this issue with a firmware update and the player is now compatible with all BD-J standard discs once upgraded to it.
  • Bede re-formed a new design shop as BedeAmerica Aerosport. In 1998 he appeared at Oshkosh promoting a BD-16, a six-place version of the BD-4. However these plans apparently did not generate a lot of interest, and he moved on to the single-seat BD-17 "Nugget" and two-seat BD-18, both based on a layout similar to the original BD-1 but dramatically updated.
  • NAD-BD sits on the top of Glu-BD. NAD-BD and Glu-BD form the catalytic cleft. During substrate binding, the NAD-BD moves significantly. This movement has two components, rotating along the long axis of a helix at the back of the NAD-BD, called "the pivot helix", and twisting about the antenna in a clockwise fashion. A comparison of the open and closed conformations of GLUD1 reveals changes in the small helix of the descending strand of the antenna, which seems to recoil as the catalytic cleft opens.
  • BD-R and BD-RE discs utilise Address in Pregroove.
  • Note: Blu-ray disc recorders can record full high definition videos on BD-Rs and BD-REs.
  • The polycarbonate discs are molded in a similar fashion to DVD and CD discs. If the discs being produced are BD-Rs or BD-REs, the mold is fitted with a stamper that stamps a groove pattern onto the discs, in lieu of the pits and lands found on BD-ROM discs.
  • In 2005, an annual blog BD-focused festival was co-created by Yannick Lejeune, titled Festiblog. The festival started out small, taking place outdoors and attracting a few BD blog enthusiasts. The event grew in size over the years. In 2015, Festiblog was renamed to "We Do BD" in order to include all BD numérique, not just blogs.
  • 5. Kord (BD) Ltd 6. Dong Jin Industrial (BD) Company Ltd.
  • In addition, the Field Police maintained two Tactical Mobile Groups – TMG (Vietnamese: "Biêt Doàn" – BD) totalling 5,000 men and designated BD 5 and BD 222 respectively, which conferred the National Police the capacity to engage independently in either defensive or offensive actions according to its mission of operational defense.
  • The BD is an automotive diesel engine produced by Nissan Diesel. BD is specified as a 4-cylinder, direct fuel injection, water-cooled naturally aspirated engine.
  • A study conducted in 2009 explored the effects of "Bd" and the use of "J. lividium" in the lab for survival. The three experimental treatments were: frogs infected with "Bd", frogs given the bacterium "J. lividium", and frogs with the given bacterium and then exposed to "Bd". Nearly all of the frogs exposed to "Bd" alone experienced mortality, while none of the other treatments had any deaths. This effectively introduced the use of "J. lividium" as a possible method for "Bd" prevention in the lab setting.
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