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Blackfan-Diamond anaemia <BDA> [Br.] [Erythrogenesis imperfecta] [also: Diamond-Blackfan anaemia]
Diamond-Blackfan-Anämie {f} <DBA>
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  • In 1983, the BD series saw its second road engine incarnation (the first being the original BDA and BDB), the BDR, which was a BDA or BDB sold in kit form for the Caterham Super Seven in 1601 cc (120 bhp) and in 1701 cc (130 bhp) formats.
  • In more recent conflicts, special operations forces (SOF) have taken part in BDA, both through physical presence, and conducting overflies with equipment such as the RQ-4 Global Hawk UAV.
  • On 26 May 1966, EMI and AEI, owners of Hotpoint, decided to merge their domestic appliance divisions to form British Domestic Appliances (BDA) from 1 July 1966.
  • The Broadcast Driver Architecture (BDA) is a Microsoft standard for digital video capture on Microsoft Windows operating systems.
  • In May 2016, Banco del Austro (BDA) in Ecuador sued Wells Fargo after Wells Fargo honoured $12 million in fund transfer requests that had been placed by thieves.
  • The BDA has served as an advocate for consumers. In 2022, the BDA joined with other organizations calling for a halt to the sale of mislabelled baby food.
  • ] bda. It has an average elevation of 174 metres above sea level.
  • The school is strategically located at the corner of old village called Badagada and a new housing complex built by Bhubaneswar Development Authority (BDA).
  • BDA China Limited (BDA) is a business advising firm based in Beijing, China.
  • In 1919 the previous BDA, the Deutsche Freie Architektenschaft (DFA) and the Deutsche Architektenschaft (DA) decided to merge to form the new BDA.
  • Bomb Damage Assessment (BDA) generally revealed less damage than bombers estimated, and even the BDA was found to be inflated after ground truth could be established.
  • High molecular weight BDA (10 kDa) yields sensitive and detailed labeling of axons and terminals, while low molecular weight BDA (3 kDa) yields sensitive and detailed retrograde labeling of neuronal cell bodies.
  • The name is derived from the Old Czech personal name Bda, meaning "Bda's court".
  • The State Government has not taken up all recommendations from CTTP. BDA has been working on parts of the proposal since 2008.
  • Dweir Baabda ([...] , Duwayr Ba'bda or Duweir Baabda) is a village in northwestern Syria administratively part of the Latakia Governorate, located southeast of Latakia.
  • He is commemorated by an annual Lawrence lecture given by a young researcher in the field of diabetes to the Medical & Scientific Section of the BDA and by the Lawrence Medal awarded to patients who have been on insulin for 60 years or more.
  • (bda)Fe(CO) [...] is an example of a complex of an η [...] -ketone.
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