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blood glucose monitoring <BGM>
Blutzuckermessung {f}
blood glucose monitoring <BGM>
Blutzuckerkontrolle {f}
blood glucose monitoring <BGM>
Blutzuckerüberwachung {f}
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  • Reactivated as a BGM-109G Gryphon Cruise Missile wing in August 1986.
  • The Lockheed Martin BGM-178 RATTLRS ("Revolutionary Approach To Time-critical Long Range Strike") was an advanced cruise missile concept demonstration funded by the US Navy with the view to develop technologies that would then be used to develop a successor to the BGM-109 Tomahawk.
  • In 2007, a large chunk of this land was sold to a Boddington Gold Mine (BGM) venture that planned to expand gold mines near Boddington disturbing the State Forest around the area.
  • The BGM Community School District operates the local area public schools. BGM Community School District was formed in 1960 with the merger of schools in Brooklyn, Guernsey, and Malcom.
  • Redesignated as the 501st Tactical Missile Wing on 11 January 1982, it was activated on 1 July 1982, at RAF Greenham Common, England, to operate the Gryphon (BGM-109G) Ground Launched Cruise Missile (GLCM).
  • It was designed for deployment on cruise missiles and is the warhead used in all nuclear-armed ALCM and ACM missiles deployed by the US Air Force, and in the US Navy's BGM-109 Tomahawk.
  • This song is also featured in the Tamil film "Baasha" (1995) as villain Mark Antony's (Raghuvaran) intro bgm.
  • Background music for each city seems to match both with the car-chasing movie music and the predominant music styles of each city, for example, Havana BGM seems to be influenced by the Son cubano, Vegas BGM sounds with influences of North America's Western music and Rio BGM is influenced by samba and bossanova.
  • Before the introduction of the Market, the BGM is "Very Nice" by Seventeen.
  • The Brooklyn-Guernsey-Malcom (BGM) Community School District, or BGM Community School, serves the towns of Brooklyn, Guernsey and Malcom and surrounding areas in eastern Poweshiek County, Iowa.
  • The group is actively using American BGM-71 TOW anti-tank missiles.
  • 5/5 and wrote "For this kind of genre bgm is very important and Sricharan Pakala hit's the bulls eye.The Cinematography is good and visuals are thrilling but there are some logical flaws".
  • Karthik Acharya has composed the songs and Bgm of this movie.
  • The highest body of the organisation is the “Bi-Annual General Meeting” (BGM) of Football Supporters Europe (FSE).
  • While the original armor penetration estimates were 600 mm for BGM-71A/B and 700–800 mm for BGM-71C, a now declassified CIA study shows the CIA's estimated penetration values against a vertical target are much lower—just 430 mm for the BGM-71A/B TOW and 630 mm for the BGM-71C Improved TOW.
  • The unit was again reactivated as a BGM-109G Gryphon cruise missile squadron in April 1985.
  • There are 2 cassettes currently released – Vol 1 & 2. Album produced by BGM Tharangini.
  • The results were good enough to permit follow-on development, resulting in the BGM-34B, which featured an extended nose to accommodate an infrared imaging system (some sources [...] say low-light-level TV) and laser designator for targeting and control of laser-guided bombs.
  • The start of the stage's BGM can be heard only once in the NES version; although the whole BGM can be repeated in the Game Boy version.
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