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butylated hydroxyanisole <BHA> [E-320]
Butylhydroxyanisol {n} <BHA>
bottom-hole assembly <BHA> [drill]
Bohrgarnitur {f} [unterer Teil] [Bohrtechnik]
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  • हुनु "hunu" also has two suppletive stems in the simple past, namely भ- "bha-" (the use of which corresponds to the "huncha"-conjugation) and थि- "thi-" (which corresponds to both the "cha" and "ho"-conjugations) which are otherwise regularly conjugated.
  • He was one of pioneers to start Pilvai College under management of Uttar-Purva Gujarat Uchcha Kelvani Mandal (society promoting education in local area) in 1960 along with Ramchandra Amin, Chagan Bha Patel, Gangaram Raval and Motibhai Chaudhary.
  • pa.bha. Sitaram Gangadhar Pandit called nickname Shewadkar bapu bapu was bachelor of Sanskrit language and got degree from Kashi (banaras) Hindu Vidyapeeth.
  • In his youth, Ailean worked as a shepherd for a local kinsman, Iain Bàn Inse ("Fair John MacDonald of Inch"), whom the poet was later to revile in verse as "fear a dhìobair an càirdeas" ("one who renounced the traditions of kinship") in the poem, "Duanag le Ailean Dòmhnallacha bha 'n Achadh-nan Comhaichean air dha miothlachd a ghabhail ri Iain Bàn Ìnnse" ("A Song by Allan MacDonald of Ach-nan-Comhaichean when he was displeased with Iain Bàn of Inch").
  • .]bha or Jayendrabhā of Sambhupura and king Jayavarman II (r. ...
  • The Indo-European etymology of the Germanic term is from a root "*bha-" meaning "to speak". Its original meaning was magical, referring to utterances that carried a power to curse.
  • In Rig Veda, Indra was often praised as a Bull (Vrsabha – 'vrsa' means he and bha means being or uksan- a bull aged five to nine years, which is still growing or just reached its full growth), with bull being an icon of power and virile strength not just in Aryan literature but in many IE cultures.
  • ABD Adhikari presided over the fifth session of Assam Sa(~kha')hitya Sa(~kha')bha {Asam Sahitya Sabha} held in Jorhat district from 31 March 1923 AD.
  • El Menabha (also written El Mena Bha or Menabha) is a village in the commune of Mogheul, in Lahmar District, Béchar Province, Algeria. The village lies north of Lahmar on the road to Mogheul town.
  • Tibetans referred to the Tani people as the Lhobhas; "lho" means south and "bha" means people.
  • Popularized by Shakyasribhadra, holding a skullcup and mongoose, naked and wrathful in a standing posture.
  • He had represented Mumbai North Central in 9th Lok Sabha in 1989–91 as Shiv Sena candidate.
  • Pindola Bharadvaja (Skt. Piṇḍolabhāradvāja; Tib. ...
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