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SYNO B.Th.U. | British thermal unit | BTU
British thermal unit <BTU, Btu> [Br.]
[brit. Maßeinheit der Energie; ca. 1055,05585 J]
Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus-Senftenberg <BTU>
Brandenburgische Technische Universität {f} Cottbus-Senftenberg <BTU>
British thermal unit per hour <BTU/h, Btu/h>
[Maßeinheit der Leistung im englischsprachigen Raum; ca. 0,293 W]
British thermal unit per minute <BTU/min, Btu/min>
[Maßeinheit der Leistung im englischsprachigen Raum; ca. 17,584 W]
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  • In October the same year the BTU was joined by other craft associations.
  • In the FFF system, heat transfer coefficients are conventionally reported as BTU per foot-fathom per degree Fahrenheit per fortnight.
  • The world average heat content per mass of mined coal rose from 8,020 BTU/lb.
  • The BTU is a research-oriented university with a focus on both basic and applied research.
  • The Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) states that the energy content of unleaded petrol is 115,000 British thermal unit (BTU) per US gallon (32 MJ/L) compared to 130,500 BTU per US gallon (36.4 MJ/L) for diesel.
  • Per the New Hampshire Office of Energy and Planning release on Fuel Prices updated on 5 Oct 2015, the cost of #2 fuel oil delivered can be compared to the cost of Bulk Delivered Wood Fuel Pellets using their BTU equivalent: 1 ton pellets = 118.97 gallon of #2 Fuel Oil.
  • The specific heat load for the heating source at design temperature is recommended, but not required, to be less than 10 W/m2 (3.17 btu/(h⋅ft2)).
  • The measured capacity of refrigeration is often dimensioned in the unit of kW or BTU/h.
  • The energy content of lignite ranges from 10 to 20 MJ/kg (9–17 million BTU per short ton) on a moist, mineral-matter-free basis.
  • The SI unit of power for heating and cooling systems is the watt. Btu "per hour" (Btu/h) is sometimes used in North America and the United Kingdom - the latter for air conditioning mainly, though "Btu/h" is sometimes abbreviated to just "Btu".
  • The following year, he moved to Thai League 2 side BTU United.
  • 8 million BTU when burned, so that 5.8 MCF of gas (at the standard one thousand BTU per cubic foot) releases about the same energy as a barrel of oil.
  • Generally the energy consumption of the vehicle is expressed in units other than W·h/mile, or Btu/mile so additional arithmetic is required to convert to a gasoline gallon equivalent (GGE), using 33.7 kWh / gallon = 114989.17 btu / gallon.
  • In those contexts, the unit of specific heat capacity is BTU/lb⋅°R, or 1 [...] = 4186.68 [...].
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