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NOUN   bioerosion | -
Bioerosion {f}
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Übersetzung für 'Bioerosion' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Bioerosion {f}ecol.
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  • Erosion along limestone shores, notably in the tropics, produces karst topography that includes a sharp makatea surface above the normal reach of the sea, and undercuts that are mostly the result of biological activity or bioerosion at or a little above mean sea level.
  • The species is easily broken into fragments by storms or bioerosion, with the fragments readily growing into new colonies.
  • The beach erosion is a type of bioerosion which alters the coastal geography through beach morphodynamics.
  • There are several biogeomorphological processes. Bioerosion is the weathering and removal of abiotic material via organic processes.
  • The grazing activity contributes to echinoid bioerosion.
  • Parrotfish cause a great deal of bioerosion using well developed jaw muscles, tooth armature, and a pharyngeal mill, to grind ingested material into sand-sized particles.
  • This serves as evidence of a common bioerosion mechanism in which secreted acid is produced by anaerobic respiration.
  • polychaete worms and bivalve molluscs bore holes into colonies of this coral, causing bioerosion.
  • Biopitting is a geologic phenomenon that occurs when small pits are created in rock as a result of the bioerosion induced by different organisms and/or microorganisms (for example, fungi, bacteria, algae, lichens).
  • In the course of tearing up the mat the urchin also abrades the underlying surface, causing bioerosion.
  • The formation of the ooid cortex around the test or shell protects it from abrasion, fragmentation and bioerosion.
  • Their numerous teeth are arranged in a tightly packed mosaic on the external surface of their jaw bones, forming a parrot-like beak with which they rasp algae from coral and other rocky substrates (which contributes to the process of bioerosion).
  • Bioerosion through time has produced a magnificent record of borings, gnawings, scratchings and scrapings on hard substrates.
  • Parrotfishes are known for the bioerosion that they cause.
  • This process is known as bioerosion. It is most common in the tropics, and it is known throughout the fossil record.
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