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carboxyl-terminal {adj} <C-terminal>
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carboxyl-terminal {adj} <C-terminal>
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  • The treble-clef motif consists of a β-hairpin at the N-terminus and an α-helix at the C-terminus that each contribute two ligands for zinc binding, although a loop and a second β-hairpin of varying length and conformation can be present between the N-terminal β-hairpin and the C-terminal α-helix.
  • The dimerization interface is composed of symmetry-related loops that link identical monomers, while the overlapping C-terminal tetramerization domain mediates the association of conformationally distinct dimers that are characterized by a different relative orientation of the catalytic and tetramerization domains (Flatmark, Erlandsen).
  • ... embedded in the lipid layer) and have two domains namely a transmembrane domain and an extramembrane C-terminal domain.
  • Thus, the insects were found to have a higher degree of conservation in the C-terminal of the ouabain binding pocket.
  • The structure of the N- and C-terminal tails of GPCRs may also serve important functions beyond ligand-binding.
  • The C terminal end of the protein is in the cytosol while the N terminal region is in the outside of the cell.
  • Most are about 100 kD in size and consist of two halves (N and C terminal), which share much sequence homology.
  • The C-terminal tail of pardaxin is responsible for this non-selective activity against the erythrocytes and bacteria.
  • Homeodomains can bind both specifically and nonspecifically to B-DNA with the C-terminal recognition helix aligning in the DNA's major groove and the unstructured peptide "tail" at the N-terminus aligning in the minor groove.
  • It is made up of 242 amino acids and contains two domains, and N terminal KilA-N and a C-terminal RING domain.
  • Autolytic activity is found within the C-terminal region with catalytic domain homologous to the glucosaminidase domain.
  • The N terminal of Dot1 contains the active site. A loop serving as the binding site for SAM links the N-terminal and the C-terminal domains of the Dot1 catalytic domain.
  • Rat, bovine, and human OTC have the same C terminal residue of phenylalanine.
  • As shown in the image in the right it is evident that the CTD (C Terminal Domain) is a tail that changes its shape; this tail will be used as a carrier of splicing, capping and polyadenylation, as shown in the image on the left.
  • Proteins are often synthesized in an inactive precursor form; typically, an N-terminal or C-terminal segment blocks the active site of the protein, inhibiting its function.
  • The class IIa bacteriocins (pediocin-like bacteriocins) are the largest subgroup and contain an N-terminal consensus sequence -Tyr-Gly-Asn-Gly-Val-Xaa-Cys across this group.
  • The toxin binds to a site that will be taken into the neuron as an endocytic vesicle that will travel down the axon, past the cell body, and down the dendrites to the dendritic terminal at the spine and central nervous system.
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